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OFFICIAL: Jimmy Raye Appeciation Thread

Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
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he probably doesnt even know he is fired yet

Jimmy Raye: bout to head down to the facility to hang out with jed
21 minutes ago via web

Dude does not know what Yahoo is, but has a Twitter account.

Of course, he needs to be able to tell the fans how the film he watches with Sing is really the passion of the christ
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For leaving
If not for Raye, then Amp probably wouldn't have made this:

Thanks Jimmy Raye and AmpLee!

Damn that means my pics are gonna be LOSIN' A TON OF STOCK NOW!!!

I appreciate you leaving Raye, now get the fock out of here.
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too bad we will never get to see the freed jimmy raye.
Originally posted by ObePwnD:

I want one!

Originally posted by HaiGuise:
Originally posted by ObePwnD:

I want one!

I tried to find one with two heads, but no luck.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:

Little harsh don't you think??

He's off the team isn't that all you need?
Goodbye....... Beautiful

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f**k You jimmy raye Retire already there is some advice.
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