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OFFICIAL: Jimmy Raye Appeciation Thread

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here is Raye's exit interview.....seems like he tells it like it is without really trying to throw anyone under the bus....but at the same time, defending himself from those who know nothing about football or how the coaching process works.

seems like a cool guy, and I wouldn't mind sitting down and hearing him talk about all his years in football.

Looks like Singletary is the one who forced him and Alex Smith into a box. Or rather, a coffin.

Yeah, I have to say that I think Sing major scapegoated Raye. He wasn't a great play caller but he was somewhat better last year, and Sing told him to go with this vanilla philosophy and that we need to not turn the ball over for the D, and that he was forced to work with a lot of new personnel. I think Johnson will be better than Raye but I think the main reason he'll do well if he does well is because Sing basically admitted his philosophy is trash after firing Raye, who was just doing what Sing told him.

Sing hired Raye with the stipulation that he runs the offense Sing's way.

Hopefully, Johnson doesn't have that same stipulation.

Hopefully, Johnson gets the same type of headroom that we gave Mike Martz.

What I'm worried about though is even if Mike Johnson does really well and we start winning again, another team will just hire him as HC and Sing doesn't do anything anyway. So even if Johnson saves our season we're still screwed next year. YOu might as well fire Sing and make Johnson the HC if he does really well for us.

If Johnson can actually save our season, we will do everything in our power to keep him.

Jed York is not the idiot people want to make him out to be.

If Johnson can perform a miracle, we will make him head coach, King, Queen, Pope, whatever the heck title he wants, to keep him.

Obviously, the caveat to all of this is that he is actually able to save our season.
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If we had a great defense and a QB that didn't make mistakes and a better offensive line Jimmy Raye's vanilla offense might have produced a play-off team, but we don't. Making the best of what you have is the key, but he wasn't doing that. The concern is how much Singletary was meddling in the offense. If I see 5 straight runs up the middle to start Sunday's game I am going to be cussing up a storm.
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