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Post Game Analysis (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

Originally posted by blunt_probe:
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
KNBR 1050, speaking the truth

Nice to hear someone say it like it is.

Oh man I love hearing angry 49ers fans, and people say we have no passion/fire for this team! Somebody needs to get fired tomorrow.
LOL this guy is 1 pissed off caller, i agree with everything he said
"jimmy raye is usually fired after his second season" great hire singletary
Originally posted by TheNef77:
Sit Chilo Rachal. He sucked in Seattle and today. Why change up the line that dominated the Saints? SO STUPID!!!!

agreed, should have kept synder in their
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Originally posted by jayb49er:
Originally posted by TheNef77:
Sit Chilo Rachal. He sucked in Seattle and today. Why change up the line that dominated the Saints? SO STUPID!!!!

agreed, should have kept synder in their

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Originally posted by teeohh:
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
KNBR 1050, speaking the truth

i'm watching the point after, where are the post game conferences at

I think only CSNBA can carry the post game pressers.
"niners play on the field is like my play in the bedroom sloppy and slow"

hey valrod, why didn't you warn us you were calling in?
LOL @ the comment on Smith. He sure has that coordinator though for a 2nd year in a row though!
I'm loving hearing all these funny ass rants.

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Originally posted by jrg:
Originally posted by Blitz:
Originally posted by jrg:
To all the fans who want to run their mouth about this team..and bash our players and coaches:



YOU are the reason NinerTalk is so bad..because of your continued hatred for the team you say you like..your "favorite" team.

If its that bad, go be a Raiders fan..go pick another team.

I'm sick and f**king tired of going into NinerTalk and watching most of our "fans" run their mouth about the team. If you don't like em or support em, don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

I don't give a s**t if we're 0-3 or 0-16. I'm gonna support whats put on the field every single Sunday. Do we need to make some changes? Sure. Thats fine, and I agree. But the way most of you are conducting yourself as "fans" so far is hilarious. I can't wait for the 49ers to win their first game so I can see all the fairweather fans suddenly "love" all the players/coaches they've bashed. Those fans don't even deserve to see their team win. It's god awful how many of you consider yourself "fans". It's not all of you, but its most of you.

0-3 or 3-0..

GO 49ERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taking your frustrations out on the fans is no different than fans taking their frustrations out on the team.

Just an observation.

Not my frustration. We could've beat KC 56-0 today and I'd likely say the same thing. NinerTalk is full of HORRIBLE football fans. I'm not pointing fingers because there are quite of few opinions here I support. But the bashing of this team is hilarious. Then next Sunday they're suddenly 100% about the 49ers again.

So if we beat KC 56-0 you would still be here hammering on the fans in niner talk?

At any rate, this team needs bashing, they suck suck suck suck...they have humiliated my ass two out of three times this season. I am embarrassed...they are embarrassing, Sing is embarrassing, Raye is embarrassing, Smith is embarrassing, the o-line is embarrassing, and on and on it goes....they are a collection of misfits with their head shoved up their ass. Pretty damn simple, they suck, suck ass, suck bad...they have humiliated themselves, I mean c'mon man...sheeeet man....

My wife was heading to the store, i asked her to make sure she gets me a brown paper bag so as I could wear it while watching these embarrassing clowns.

If you can't see that this team deserves to be s**t on and s**t on big by it's fans, well hot diggity damn good for you man. But non the less, I'm still going to be proudly wearing my brown bag over my head along with about 99.999999% of the rest of us fans who are consistently embarrassed and humiliated by these silly ass pop warner misfits who are masquerading as a professional football team.

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A really miserable performance all the way around.

Defence was gashed all day long.. Couldn't defend the run or the pass, especially screen passes.. Just a horrible game by the defense. Horrible.

The offense was realy offensive. Lousy game plan. Lousy play calling. OL couldn't protect Alex. Didn't try any passes down the middle. It seemed like 80% or more of the plays were runs or swing or wheel routes to Gore. I wish we could see the tapes that the coaches get. The WR's were hardly every targeted. Not sure if that's because the WR's weren't open, protection sucked or Alex just checked down way to much.

This team clearly is not what we all expected. It's one thing to lose but the 49ers have been badly outplayed in 2 out of 3 games. Just not competitive.

What a bummer..
Originally posted by Afghan49er:
Originally posted by Gore_21:
Same old stuff....

We aren't prepared and sleep walk in 10:00 AM Starts
We can't win on the road
The only games our guys seem to want to play hard is the MNF games
We get out coached all around dang near every game
We shoot ourselves in the foot
The offensive line was horrible
the play calling was horrible
defense got beat on screens and gave up after offense fails

The bright side.... Alex Smith wasn't the weak spot on the field for the second straight week. That was the offensive line and on the sidelines it was Jimmy Raye.

why dont u get lost and take alex smith with u

RELAX Afghan with your suicide bomb post. The dude has some legitimate points. Prove him wrong before you tell him to "get lost".
Originally posted by thojess:
Sine you won't let me say it my own f**king thread, I'll put my f**king analysis in here.

I have had it with this football team. I’m embarrassed, again, to be a fan of this worthless collection of football players and coaches. I became a fan of this team damn near 25 years ago as a child. I have followed this team with baited breath week after week ever since.

The 49ers used to combine intelligence, fortitude and great coaching to achieve the kind of results that any fan would envy. Not any more. I am sick of being watching a team that consistently gets out coached at every level. I am sick of watching a bunch of over-paid, unimaginative cave men consistently prove that they are more stupid than the other teams in the league. Faith based, tough guy bulls**t is all Singletary brings to this table. He doesn’t do anything XOXOX related. His coaching staff is consistently unprepared for the opposition. His ra ra speeches are f**king worthless, and “ask madden” would probably come up with better gameplans. FIRE HIM NOW!

Up until now, I’ve supported Alex Smith like I was his family member or something. BUT NO MORE. I have never seen him get in any bodies face… EVER. The playcalling is so disgusting, yet I don’t see Alex b***hing at anybody on the sidelines. Crabtree should have had his DIVA b***h ass chewed out today for causing another INT but do you see Alex letting him know? f**k no. Alex typically looks like “oh well that didn’t work… whats new.’ He has no fire. No guts. He is a wet f**king noodle and not a leader of men.

I am done with this football team. I’m not wasting another afternoon watching this worthless group of pea-brained pussssssies. Not at least until this entire coaching staff is out on their asses.

you'll come back.
im loving this knbr show. oh how i wish jed was listening to how pissed off we are and how unacceptable this bs is
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