Round 3, Pick 40: 49ers select Iowa QB C.J. Beathard

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Post Game Analysis (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

Atlanta is going to feast on the Niners next week.
As for Analysis? We sucked, we didn't care, seemed as if we didn't bother gameplanning for this game. I'm kind of scared to see this team against Atlanta. That game will be ugly and then the team could very well fall apart.
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KNBR 1050.

"What is there in Mike Singletary that you can't get in any other coach in the league?"

Knock out punch right there.
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Damon Bruce is so awesome.

This coaching staff needs to go NOW.

its so f**king obvious for anyone who watches this team play its the coaching that holds this team back

Anyone remember when the Altanta Falcons sent Singletary packing after his token Rooney interview for "lack of preparation"...

BAN Hammer time!!!

- 98
Moving away from the coach stuff, anyone interested in swapping Snyder out for Staley? It worked suprisingly well last season and might be worth another look.

I'm not sure what you'd do with Staley, though. You don't want to slow down Davis' learning curve. But on the other hand, we've got to do something to stop the bleeding on the O-line.
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Waugh, it's football, not ballet, we should sack up and play tough.

THAT'S NOT THE POINT, it's the fact that after all the s**t they did they came out clean on the other side, while we were targeted all day by those chumps.

Did you know that back in the day when we were actually a good team we were considered a dirty team. In fact our Oline was famous for the leg whip. We used to be nasty and destroy we play scared.

But that's when the leg-whip was actually legal. Chop-blocks weren't exactly penalized/heavily out-lawed until the mid-to-late 90s'.

Leg whips were just an example...we played dirty and we won alot of games. I have no problem with that and in ways wish we went back to those good ole days of agressive winning. Now it's more "Bend Over and Take the Loss"
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KNBR 1050, speaking the truth
-Raye needs to be fired. Hand over duties to Mike Johnson (QB's coach).

-Coaches, fans and the media have every right to be critical of Alex Smith. He's at best, inconsistent. His accuracy on short to medium throws remains horrible, and it's killing us. Either the receiver has to go up and get it leading to a tip (and subsequently INT's), or our RB's catch with no time to get YAC because he can't hit them in stride.

(And please, save the crap about me being a hater. Search for my previous posts and you'll see I've been one of his biggest supporters, but fact is fact.)

-Anthony Davis needs to be benched. I think he'll eventually turn out to be good player, but as of right now he makes far too many mental mistakes.

-Sing should be officially considered on the hot seat. He lacks nothing in passion for the game, but it isn't translating into wins. If he can't get this team turned around NOW, then the front office should begin looking into replacements.

As a fan, it hurts me knowing that even with an AVERAGE offense, we're a playoff team. Unfortunately we lack the vision and the discipline to make this a reality.
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Usually after a loss there at least something redeeming about the game. There's nothing redeeming here about this game. And that's the disturbing part. So yeah we have to b*tch about this one.
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BAN Hammer time!!!

- 98
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KNBR 1050, speaking the truth
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
KNBR 1050, speaking the truth

Nice to hear someone say it like it is.
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KNBR 1050, speaking the truth

i'm watching the point after, where are the post game conferences at
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