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Redzone - Delanie Walker and Brian Westbrook

Gore and Westbrook both on the field in the RedZone would be deadly. A frightening combination to opposing teams especially on the quick-pass.

I can envision it now.

Trips Left -- Crabtree Split far left, Westbrook in the Slot, Morgan next to him. Smith drops back and he's going throw to Wes-- wait a minute, it's a draw to Gore. Gore cuts right, nobody's there! Touchdown 49ers!

Of course, old Jimmy would never have the creativity to put it all together. ... Or could he? This is a play I would love to see run -- and both ways.
[ Edited by OnTheClock on Sep 22, 2010 at 11:20 PM ]
as much as I'd like to see Westbrook play I would also like to see dixon get some touches. If our line can pave the way for us to run the ball we should use all three backs so gore doesn't get worn down.
"By the way, don't hold your breath waiting to see Gore and Westbrook in the same backfield, an image that excited fans when Westbrook signed this summer.

When asked about Westbrook's role, Raye said, "There is a role on the offense for him, he is Frank Gore's backup. That is his role."

Westbrook said he never assumed he would line up in the same backfield as Gore, "Not necessarily. I thought Frank would play the majority of the plays and then I would, when he was fatigued and tired and things like that that I would play."

Westbrook didn't say if he'd like to be on the field with Gore.

At this point, I'm guessing, he'd just like to get on the field, period."
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