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Michael Crabtree

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Sing needs to do to Crabtree what he did to Davis and humble his ass

Hakeem Nicks will bee a better receiver than Crabtree, imo....

Crabtree would probably go running into the arms of Primetime and MC Hammer if that were to happen.

I will not argue with Hakeen Nicks becoming a better receiver. He has the pro-bowl QB and desire to better his game. Two things that Crabtree lacks.

Nicks is already better since last year, he has big play ability that Crabs doesn't.

crabs just isnt tuned yet but your rite he doesnt have big play "ABILITY" he just won tha biletnikoff award twice haha c'mon man

just a product of the spread offense he was in during college

his athleticism is nothing special, his hands were supposed to be good but he had a bunch of drops last year and obviously we saw what happened today....

i understand the spread comment i really do... but is abbilities cannot be denied... look at vernon he had ton of potential but it just took a while to come along i think it will b tha same wit crabs hopefully it wont take 4 season tho lol

Crabs is good, but I'm just saying that he's not very explosive, pretty much just a possession receiver with some YAC ability. Main problem is that his hands haven't been nearly as good as advertised coming out of college.

Off the field, he has displayed a complete lack of accountability, check out this interview that Barrows had with him towards the end of last year.

MC: Drops?
Me: You don't think you've had any drops?
MC: What are you talking about?
Me: Balls you could have caught.
MC: No. If they were on the sideline or something, or too high or something. I never, ever ...

For the record, STATS Inc. lists Crabtree as one of the league leaders in drops with seven on the season.

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Cashtree is no diva
No way
He's just ...
the second coming of Brandon Lloyd !

Oh BTW if he cannot do routes what can he do as a WR ?

If he doesn't turn around like Vernon did i think they trade him at the end of the season
Michael Crabtree deserves to be called out for his play today ------ but we are talking about one bad game so far. IMHO.
i've always known he wasnt a deep threat or someone that has the ability to take a slant the distance. in his texas tech highlights he was always getting caught behind by college db's
man this is crazy its one thing for everyone to constantly hate and point fingers at A. Smith wutever but damn crabs now? our #1 receiver?.... WHO WILL IT B NEXT WEEK???? damn i hope to god frank gets 100 yds nxt week cus it will probably b him next
for now he is CRAPtree
Originally posted by Daniel2778:
for now he is CRAPtree

lmao haven't heard that since his holdout
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