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"Total Failure"

f**kING f**k

It's not creative, but about all I could say for three hours.
Piss poor
Piss poor

Same Ol Smith
Sh_tty Ol Smith
Shame on Smith
Sucka A$$ Smith
unf*@king believable
Originally posted by MaliCali:
next week

next year , hehe
No Leadership
we did so bad it's actually hilarious
Draft '11


I'm sorry. I would like to give you my thoughts but I drank too much Kool-Aid, and I have to go puke now.
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
A Msg to Singletary: Where are your motivational speeches now f--face? You got out coached.. I can sit here and blame Alex's dumb self but really.. Singletary aint s--t.. I hope after this season they fire his azz and pick up someone else..
No Heart
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f**king chuck norris
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