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"Total Failure"

next week
First Pick!
Alex smith is the worst qb ever.
f**king pathetic
first 2 im done second 2 jets fan
Honestly, this was the most pathetic game I have ever witnessed. The oline was terrible and the worst part is Seattle was so much more prepared then us and that falls on the coaching staff. Did they think they were just gunna walk in here and take care of buisness.

Crabtree - Start practicing.

Where was the pressure on defense?

All in all i am so pissed off right now. Next week the world champs come into town, this team needs to wake up. I dont even know what else to say then how disgusted i am.
Team failure.

Its over. Get ready for the Saints. If the 49ers get destroyed next week, we could have some major problems. We shall see.
One game.
Faith Lost!

shaun hill?
We f**ked
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Originally posted by ninerbrand:

he's looking good though vs gb
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Originally posted by Jersey9er:
Totally inept
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