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Niners will win next week!

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Yeah, I think they will play better, I mean it can't get worse can it? No the two rookies on the o-line got their feet wet and I hope they can adjust.

I don't think we will win but I am sure we will play better. The better question is will the play calling get better.
The faith I had in the team for this year was big before the season started. In the 1st quarter of todays game was what I expected for the most part. I did not expect what would happen the rest of the game. Our O-line sucks, Alex beyond sucks and our D was disappointing.
No faith in a win whatsoever!! This team has major, major problems!!
I think we'll play well. We always play well on Monday Night at home.
No more excuses. I have been a Alex Smith fan but enough his is not a NFL qb. Poor coaching both sides of the ball. Lack of effort. Crabtree is a Diva. We have way to much talent to get beat this bad. Talent acounts for nothing without prep and heart and there was no heart in that beating we took today. They bouught the hype and are to stupid to know that doesnt matter.This game was a joke and these guys do not deserve to wear that uniform. Under coached and overhyped. Welcome to the 2010 season.
Back in the day, fans wouldn't know what was happening with the team. With Twitter, Facebooks, tweets, texts, etc. we know what happened in camp.

Do we have a LEADER after this game. If yes, then game 1 was a blip.

IF not, then . . . ..
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A better game next week could still be disguised as a blowout because the Saints are about 2-3 times better than Seattle.
They may play better, but this year its about wins to me. If they are 0-2, so what if they played better.
mark my words the niners will learn from this loss and come out fired up next week!
Against the Saints?

Originally posted by mitpdub:
Against the Saints?

yup against the saints
we couldnt stop freaken matt hasselback and mike freaken williams
how are our receivers gonna stop drew brees and the saints offense?
hope so, I'll be there wearing my niner jersey proudly

and if need be, drinking away the pain after the game
I have hope still......this is only the first game. Game at home, Monday Night.....I still have hope. What better way to prove the nation wrong than on primetime.

They better win....AZ and SEA are tied for first in the West...which wasn't suppose to happen.

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mark my words they wont
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