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seattle game who is at fault

f**k mike nolan
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f**k mike nolan

speaking of the past, I think Sing firing Martz ranks up there with Norv bailing on us as moves that set our offense back for a couple years (or however long Raye survives as OC)
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Originally posted by Stuuk:
I'm quite suprised there hasn't been much comment about Clements perfromance. Personally, aside from the INT, I though he was awful and arguably resposnible for the turning point in the game with that stupid penalty which gifted SEA a 1st Down, up until that point the 49ers had controlled the game Offensively and Defensively.

What are you smoking and not sharing? Yeah Nate pled his case with the Ref. But that Ref didn't throw the flag. It was a bad call by the Refs AFTER THE FACT when the Receiver had hold of his arm. That was 3rd down, the penalty extended the series and he bit on the double go.

How the F@CK is that Nate's fault?

If the Refs called it right, the ball would have been back in OUR hands and we would have gone back down the field. But Perrerra will Defend his Crews. He always does. Even when the evidence does not support him.

I agree that was the moment the game changed though. I said as much when it happened.

But you cannot blame that on Nate. He was 50/50 on his instincts because of that bad call.

Also after this result if I was smoking anything I would definitely be sharing as I think we all need some pickup after this!!

Even though I haven't partaken in a LONG time, I would have GLADLY accepted. I was pretty peeved at how the Refs fell over themselves where Carrol was concerned. It was disgusting. Look at all the time they spent hashing out Carrol's stupid decision to go with 2nd and 1 instead of going with the 1st down. Spent 3 to 5 minutes on it.

If that doesn't tell you who the Refs were courting in this game then nothing does.

I think we need to go back to the Spreadcoast mentality the rest of the season. This is not the Season to go Smashmouth.

Especially for Monday's game. We can't give New Orleans any wiggle room.

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