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Score Prediction against Seattle


Smith with 2 td's to Davis and Morgan

Gore with a rush td

Defense scores a td

and 2 Nedney FG's
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SF 28 Seattle 14
35 - 17 9ers
41-0 niners

Count on some horribly sloppy week one football at Quest today, I see our defense putting us in amazing field position today.

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49ers - 27

Seahawks - 17
24-10 Niner's
Originally posted by billbird2111:
Seahags 24
Niners 17

And some serious wrist-slitting and hand-wringing in Niner Talk Sunday evening.

I hate it when I'm right.

I'd much rather be wrong. Seriously and honestly I would.
Man, I don't think I can watch this crap. Alex looks pathetic, the O - Line looks pathetic and this Offense Sucks!

Can they keep the score more respectable than what happened to the Faiders? At least Cal and Stanford won. Very disappointing.
Glad I never got around to posting my pregame prediction on this thread lol
Seattle 42
SF 10
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