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What is your favorite 49er's team?

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I'd have to say the '74 Niners, cause I was just 9 years old, Pops had season tickets
and also took me to the pre-season luncheon, where I sat right next to Cedric Hardman,

the team was just 6-8 that year, but those guys were like superheros to me as a new young fan

still to this day, many of my top fav niners are from that roster

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Originally posted by WestCoast:

im still trying to erase that season from my mind
Strange but maybe the 1990 team.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:

Yep, that's the team alright.....but I also really liked the 1984 team.
as of right now the 94 team was my favorite cuz steve and jerry where my favorite players. but im starting to love this team because i feel like through the struggles we've faced lately ive grown with these players hahaha.
The 1989 team has been widely considered as one of the most talented and best teams of all time. Several writers have put this team at the very top of their list of greatest teams ever. Considering what the team did in the playoffs that year, I would concur.
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The 1984 team was my favorite, that team was a machine.............dam you Mark Malone! Near perfect season
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:


There is no team in the history of the NFL that could have stopped this squad from winning the Super Bowl.

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81 followed by
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1984, they blew the doors off the 1984 Dolphins who were pretty good.
Originally posted by BobS:
1984, they blew the doors off the 1984 Dolphins who were pretty good.

Very true. Shutting down a QB who had perhaps the most amazing statistical season ever at that position.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
There's no way I could possibly pick just one. That's not just BS. As soon as I try to decide on a year, another pops into my head. I go in circles and just give up.

Yeah, it's kind of like asking which wife was your favorite when you've only had one.

There were good years and bad years, but I've always loved her.

So maybe the question should be which year was your favorite or most enjoyable as a fan? That would be 1994. But I think this year has a good chance to surpass that one.
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The first one, '81 will always have a special place in my heart, but I love them all.

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