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Who should wear #24 now?

It's settled. It's Anthony Dixon.

Anthony Dixon to wear #24
Sweet! I really wanted Mays to take it.... A Dix is gonna make it look good though.

Troy Smith #1 haha

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Originally posted by juicyjay504:
If Mays switches to 24 ill be pissed off since I got the #23 Mays jersey already

My favorite number!! T. Mays!!! He fits the mold
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Originally posted by DarthNiner:
It's settled. It's Anthony Dixon.

Anthony Dixon to wear #24

Dixon, who wore uniform No. 33 in the exhibition season, has taken over Michael Robinson's old jersey. Dixon will wear No. 24 -- the same number he fashioned in college at Mississippi State.

24 will make him look faster.
They should retire it because of M-Robs phenomenal Special Teams play...

ehhh...i was kind of hoping Mays would've switched to #24 ('cos of the whole Lott and Willie Mays references) and Dixon now I wish should have stuck with #33 (so he could redeem that number from that one sad play by Roger Craig as well as the epic fail of Lawrence Phillips)
I like 33 better on Dixon
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Dixon is 24.
Originally posted by kray28:
Maybe Kobe would be interested in playing some TE for us?

He couldn't block as a TE but he could probably be a WR.

Originally posted by Chief:
Dixon is 24.

I can't wait to chant at the stick: "24 BIG DIX GOIN' DOWN THE GAPING HOLE!"

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Originally posted by JedYork:
Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:

Thanks for the backup IWAS, (though one can;t really see the number on Lott's jersey there, lol). I'm pretty sure I saw that picture of Lott and the other "Hot Licks" aka the three rookie DBs of '81 in the 49ers 50th Anniversary book by Glenn Dickey.

Yeah, it's mostly obscured behind the towel, but one can see part of the "2" on the left, where the "4" eventually would be. In other words... it counts.

Originally posted by ciaspy:
Dude, how old are you? Kezar? You were at the catch? Were you at the parting of the Red Sea too? LOL. Joking. Classic pix.

I was 10yrs old at The Catch.
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