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Put Nate Davis on the practice squad

All that frustration over nothing. Time to look forward to Sunday.
fryet just pwned ALL our asses (even though i didnt post in this thread i didn't agree with the OP)
Originally posted by Afrikan:
I know this was originally a troll attempt and for the most part, it has been a success...

do you think the Colts would pick him up, if we did put him on the practice squad?

lets see, although Manning is not retiring anytime soon, they do need a QB to groom right now.....and they were the only team to scout him, even though they knew about his "learning disability". They also got a good look at him in their game against us...

anyway, about Nate taking 2 years to learn a new playbook or what ever.....I don't really believe in the that kind of talk our coaches have been feeding us....its not like they have amazing track records with QBs...or how to develop one.....I"m talking about Singletary and Raye.... Mike Johnson is relevantly quiet about the whole Nate struggling to pickup the offense thing...

I refuse to believe that Nate is the first QB with dyslexia to start at QB in the NFL...the NFL has been around for a long time.....I just think we have the wrong coaches for Nate...they keep telling him he can't this or that..complain about his work ethic, even though he worked at getting better in the summer while still trying to balance spending time with his daughter (his words).

I think another OC/HC would find a way to let Nate just play....use his natural talent at the QB position. Not saying the QB position is that simple to play, but I think another set of seasoned coaches would find a way to use Nate to the best of his abilities....If this team was reliant on Nate becoming a great QB, then I would say we need a new HC and OC....but this team does not revolve around Nate so we'll just go with what we have....

well here is my post in this fryet, I was wrong in believing it was a troll attempt, sorry about far as everything else I wrote, I think still I feel the same though.

so how does it feel to be right, fryet?
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
fryet just pwned ALL our asses (even though i didnt post in this thread i didn't agree with the OP)

i still think the reasoning--that we should put Davis on the PS to open a roster spot for someone like Curtis Taylor--is faulty, because it doesn't take into account the 3rd QB being an "inactive active" on gameday. But that might just be me washing my crow down with bitter juice.
Originally posted by djfullshred:
LOL, worrying about how good your 3rd string QB is right now? Haha, typical Niner talk. They are not going to go sign another QB because a 3rd stringer didn't look sharp in a preseason game.

Nates season was determined well before the last preseason game. I remember ether reading or possibly a interview with Sing. When asked about Nates performance Sing said they were not to impressed cause he had not put the time in during the offseason. He said the other qbs were there bugging the coaches and asking questions but no Nate. I think he was in the dog house from the start of camp and his lets just wing it mentality does not cut it in the NFL.
so i guess Jason Whitlock doesn't know s**t huh?
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Originally posted by fryet:
Well, I was able to predict that the 49ers were going to attempt to do this, but I am surprised that they signed another QB to be on the 53 man roster. I thought that they would do this and only have 2 QBs on the roster with MR being the emergency QB. What will be interesting now is to see if anyone does pick up Nate before the 49ers can put him on the practice squad like many on this thread predicted.

Some thoughts on this. I think it was ESPN who said that this move indicates that the 49ers are not sold on Carr as the #2 QB - I would have to agree. If you have Nate on the practice squad, I am not so sure you needed Smith. Also, apparently it was Singletary who wanted Troy Smith and told Baalke to get him. I don't know that we want our head coach looking over the release list of teams trying to find talent. Baalke should have come to Singletary and suggested the idea - not the other way around.
For the record, I am glad the 49ers were able to bring Davis back to the PS. I am also glad that Troy Smith is the #3.

My take is that the staff preferred a quick learner like Troy Smith on the 53. He won't get a lot of snaps during the week unless Carr or Alex are injured. However, if that happens he becomes the "scout team" QB and must be able to mirror the offense of the upcoming opponent. Considering how much trouble Davis has had learning ONE offense, to expect him to learn at least portions of a different one every week was just not going to happen.

So Davis gets more time to see if he can learn to play QB in this league and the 49ers have much better quality depth at the QB position than they would have had if Davis had been the #3 and Brown taken the PS spot.

Also, I believe this little melodrama should give us all a bit more faith in Singletary and Baalke considering they recognized Davis was a long shot to play in this league, and the rest of the league agreed with them.

Well played 49ers. I won't lose sleep over Jarrett Brown turning out to be a quality player while Davis doesn't.
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