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its about f**king time i cant wait!!!!! time to see what coffee and balmer can do
Its 3:42, woke up to use the bathroom now I probably won't be able to sleep

go niners, stay healthy!
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only 6 hours to go!
Im in Europe right now, anyone got a link to watch the game on-line that works in Europe? Thanks in advance.
Looking forward to watching these guys play in particular; Alex Smith, Ricky Jean-Francois, Diyrall Briggs, Reggie Smith, Taylor Mays, Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, Antony Dixon, okay I could go on and on.
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Go, NIners, go!
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Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
its about f**king time i cant wait!!!!! time to see what coffee and balmer can do

At first I was like , then I was like , then I was like (haha that's funny), then I was angry

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I want to see my boy Iupati in action and Dixon, A. Davis, Baas, Smith, Crabby just to name a few. Football is back, baby!
Originally posted by longtime49erfan:
Originally posted by brucesf49:
I can't believe they actually showing the game live here in Hawaii tomorrow. I just moved here in Jan and when reg season starts i will have to be getting up before 7 am to make my way to a bar to watch the early games.

Well, I am down in New Zealand! I have to wait till Monday to see Sunday's games.

Actually, I get them live on Monday morning (for a Sunday game).

Me too mate, Will be up at 5:15am in time for the game! Where bouts in NZ are you from?
Today is a great day, after 50 years of being a fan of the Niners...I get to go to my first Niner game in person! I live in the midwest and just havent had the chance, live in Northwest Indiana and I will be there! Section 116, row 22 and seats 23 and 24. I cant wait...yeah its preseason...but it is a Niner Game! Hope to see some of you there! GO NINERS!

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Wake up, people it's game day!
OH YEAH! I just woke up and i ain't goin back to sleep! Game Day BABY!
woke up at 5:45. I'm hyped!
Christmas morning is here boys and girls. I'm up early as well. That was the longest off season of my life.

Game Day, Let's Go!!!!!!! Start off the season right!!!
damn it, I knew I'd fck this up....

just got back from a couple after parties...and is 6:26 now...fuuuuuu do I stay up and risk passing out during the game...or sleep for 3.5 hours and risk over sleeping.....aahhhhh
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