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Roger Craig: "Niners should have been 12-4" in 2009

"Well, they could have pretty easily been 12-4 last year," Craig noted. "You saw what happened when they should have been Minnesota, they should have beat the Colts, they should have beat the Texans, they should have beat Seattle. That's 12-4 right there. That's four games that could have changed the game around.

Haha yeah and we won two games we should have lost. What if Arizona did something with that punting the ball away @ ARI when all we needed was 2 yards to close out the game.

What if Jay Culter didn't throw a pic to our NT in the end zone? Football's a game of inches I don't think its as easy as saying we should have beat the Colts, Vikes, Texans, and Seahawks (And Packers for that matter).

But I'm glad he has the teams back, I hope Alex does progress with the same system (finally) and I think that's what the rest of his point:

"They're gonna be strong contenders this year. You think about Kurt Warner's not with Arizona anymore. They're gonna be rebuilding. Anquan Boldin is gone. And Pete Carroll's gonna have a tough time first year. He's gonna come out the gate and not really dominate the West. So 49ers are a perfect team to annihilate the West. And they got the right ingredients right now. They must have listened to my prediction. I said they should draft linemen before the draft, and they draft the two biggest guys on the planet."
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he is right. i really felt like we should have won those games for a variety of reasons. now you can be a douchebag and say "WELL WE COULD HAVE BEEN 6-10 OR 4-12 TOO!" but the point is we won 8 games, and we really had 2 of the other 4 he mentions in the bag (seahawks and vikes). i think the colts/texans games we COULD have won, but the seachickens and vikes games ESPECIALLY hurt
easyyy Roger, i dont know about 12-4. I think 8-8 was about right, even though we should have been the Vikings. His analysis about hte west next year isn't that far off..

heres to Matt Leinart tanking, Pete Carroll's karma for f*cking over SC and leaving, and the rams being the lambs.
I like that he follows the team and seems to be a fan still.
wow...BEATEN was misspelled been TWICE
No but we could be good this year.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
No but we could be good this year.
Roger is still with us. Despite being dumped. Good man!
but we weren't so....
More like 11-5, because we should not have beat Chicago...

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well....2009 is gone & we can't do anything to change that. We can learn from it & grow from it it. 12 - 4 will be more possible in 2010. Go f--kin' 9ers!
he's a homer.
coulda shoulda woulda didnt
yea, those "What If's" are what separate the contenders from the pretenders.


Billups didn't drop this??

Originally posted by AlexSmithWillWIn:
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
No but we could be good this year.
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