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Which company do you want to get the naming rights to a new 49ers stadium ?

Which company do you want to get the naming rights to a new 49ers stadium ?

Mooninites stadium!
Originally posted by AC49er:
Google/Apple partnership please

This or 1 or the other.....As far as consumer electronics, technological innovation. These companies are tops and it could mean very cool and unique things within the stadium...I'd lean more towards Apple if there was any way they'd have input on the design of the stadium. Not necessarily the whole stadium but things on the interior. But I doubt that that is the case for any sort of sponsorship.
Hunter Point Ship yard, retired.......parking lots, groovy........
Check n'to Cash Stadium

New Candlestick at Santa Clara
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In all seriousness, the presence of Gideon Yu in the ownership now puts Facebook, Yahoo, and in a round-about way Microsoft and Google at the top of the pile. Yu held senior level positions at Facebook and Yahoo and he orchestrated the Google buyout of Youtube while working for Youtube as well as closing a massive round of funding from Microsoft and a Chinese billionaire.

Past positions and business moves such as those will go a long way in determining who buys the naming rights, the wild card are Intel and Sun Oracle.
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Whoever will name it

Bill Walsh Stadium
Originally posted by zillabeast:

Hey, they're local too. Think of it. SKYWALKER STADIUM.

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That would be awesome but I doubt they have that type of money. More likely Facebook since their former Chief Financial Officer, Gideon Yu is now the 49ers new president and minority owner. Youtube and Yahoo are also strong possibilities as Yu has also worked with those companies as well.
Originally posted by GameOver:
I already miss the Stick...


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Wells Fargo Bank .They have the stage coach and everything it goes with our team theme
Flesh Light
Originally posted by Buonaparte69:
The above companies are the most well-known in Silicon Valley, (with their headquarters location in parentheses).

Vote and share your own name combination (i.e. "__________ Stadium" , "_________ Field" , "__________ Park")

You can also add "________ ________ at Bill Walsh Field"

You did miss one : the bigger bider
That's my only criteria whatever it's name is
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With Facebook going public, and having the former CFO as a co-owner/President... it certainly looks like that could be a possibility if it fits with Facebook's marketing strategy.
Ok , let's get serious here. How about "WASTE MANAGEMENT Stadium."
Where your #2... is our #1".

It could work, much as we have the gold digger and prospector with pick axe and shovel, as in the Gold diggers of yore,
Waste Management could have the big shiny garbage trucks flying down the road with garbage flying out and flys surrounding the vehicles. I can see it.
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