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Crabtree/Hill Starting WR's?

i've always thought jason hill was better than josh morgan anyways.. he's slept on i tell you!

Originally posted by swim4speed:
I agree with most of you that Jason Hill is a better receiver than Josh Morgan. Singletary will likely play Morgan at #2 so he can block. Remember, singletary wants to win games with scores like 14-10 or 10-6.

One problem is, when the Niners put 4 receivers on the field, often it is 2 WRs and 2 TEs. That means, only 1 of the receivers is fast....Vernon Davis. I think a 4th receiver on the field needs to be a WR.... Hill, Ginn, or Jones.

We've got to quit doing that crap too. That Delanie Walker 2nd TE experiment is not as good as having Jason Hill on the field.
Crabtree and Morgan are going to start. Hill, Jones, and Williams probably round out the top 5. I am so far dissapointed with Ginn and his dropping the ball.
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