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Phillip Adams is a Niner!

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Please use this thread. You will also find a thread in the "Draft War Room" if you wish to discuss the 49ers utilization of this pick in general. Additional threads may be locked or merged (and members warned) at the discretion of the moderating staff.
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Finally drafted a DB, but cant find anything on him.

Probably a slow special teamer :(

I'm hoping the best for him though.
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Yea, ESPN and got nothing on him. He must be a division 2 or 3 sleeper of Baalke's.

We need MM or MB to get us some info on this guy.
Info on Adams appears to be very sparse. He was an All-MEAC CB according to this very short blurb. Will probably have to wait for one of the Matts to enlighten us.
saw on some site that he is very good in press coverage, keeping the wrs from getting off the line

Here a link to his profile on Consensus Draft Services. Sounds OK for a late round pick.

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This guy is a NINJA! there's no info on him????????????
Who cares about him, just make the phone call to Dre Bly already.
Phillip Adams CB South Carolina State 5-11 194 FA (projected round) 4.52 40.
I also read he ran a 4.4 at his Pro Day
Maybe he's one of those guys that's such a sleeper that you can get a diamond in the rough because nobody picks him because he's from such a small school. Sounds like he can atleast play ST and a somewhat big/physical DB. Also had 3 INTs and 11 PDs. They turned their draft card for their last pick in quick so they must really like this guy.
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