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Taylor Mays is a Niner!

His own college coach didn't want him... that should tell you something... he sucks.
Originally posted by luis1985:
Horrible pick... Sing himself looked pissed in the war room. He did not want Mays, he wanted someone else.

Who gives a flying f**k who Sing wanted, he didn't even want Patrick Willis. Baalke got us Ginn and 3 f**ken great picks. I don't give a s**t about Singletary at this point. He's a great motivator, stick to that.
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Regardless of what happened in the war room, this is turning out to be the best f**king draft we've had in an entire decade, specially drafting a 2nd round pick that was supposed to be a late 1st-day pick.

This draft is so damn deep, it might prove to be one of the best of the coming decade!

How does a safety with bricks for hands and that is a bad tackler (except on the highlight film) make this the best draft ever?
If they can improve on his reaction time which will be hard to do due to his size, then they could have a diamond in the rough!. He has the speed and the size to put some hurt on somebody. Now they just have to get all the pieces together and they will have something!
Originally posted by mug0mug:
It's not who the Niners wanted, but they reluctantly chose him, and I'll root for him.

They wanted Nate Allen.

When Allen was picked Baalke looked up at the ceiling, then did a "damnit" flex...and then the room went into work mode, trying to figure something out. Singletary wasn't happy and eventually left the room.

When it came time for the pick, they were not excited, and casually shook hands and Baalke took his sheet from in front of him and crumpled it up and threw it away, disappointed.

What...are we just making stuff up now? Lol

I'm not in love with Mays, but I like the pick considering it at 49. Michael Lewis had THREE concusions last year and his days are likely numbered.

Mays is very good value at 49.
Lets hope for the best though.
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Last year everyone said he was a top 10 pick, now they act like they hate it.

Mays was a great pick up and I am loving this draft.
Great pick! This guys has all the physical tools! Will be perfect in run support and laying the wood!!!! THE D IS GONNA BE FIERCE !!!!!
Drafting Mays Imo is a decent pick. I'm all for it.
He's worth #49 easily. You can't teach that size or atleticism. It's a great 2nd round pick IMO. If you feel his ball skills aren't great then you play him near the line of scrimage. And with Patrick Willis the 2 of them fly around and bang people. Hardly a bad pick. The first 3 are great so far.

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I really like Mays, and I think he's gonna add some BAMMM to our D. Is he perfect hell no but at 49 can't beat that pick. This has been a awesome draft for us!!!
Originally posted by Leathaface:
So we drafted a cheap version of Michael Lewis.

Easy killer! he will be better than Lewis.
how can you not like this pick? michael lewis is a good player but lets face it, he gets a concussion every other game, so his career is near the end. and guess who comes in to replace him, mark roman
i love it, cannot believe he fell to us.
Originally posted by luis1985:
Horrible pick... Sing himself looked pissed in the war room. He did not want Mays, he wanted someone else.

How does anyone know his reaction. I'm freakin' confused.
I don't know about Mays, but he is a high character guy with a LOT of upside with a chip on his shoulder towards the coach of Seattle. So, he could be good.
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