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So..are the 49ers...

  • jrg
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a top NFC team now?

KR/PR was one of our glaring weaknesses and we addressed that issue with still 2 1st round picks to work on the OL.

With Smith improving and having the same playbook for the first time in his career..Crabtree for an entire season..arguably the best TE in the NFL, one of the better defenses in the NFL..are we finally on our way?

Now, no. Future, hopeful.
No, now go back to baseball.
Almost there
  • TX9R
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Hell no. If the past has taught us anything it's that improvements on paper are just that. Thet could have the top rated draft class too and it doesn't mean squat. They need to go out and prove something on the field first.
Could be. If the line is resolved and a bit of work in the defensive backfield. It may be a little early to raise expectations for this year, and a deal depends on the coaching.

But things are looking good!

way too early
no, not until RT is settled and the QB proves his worth.
Shoot. Why not? The Lombardi trophy is ours!!!!
If we do end up as one of the top teams in the NFC, it won't be because we acquired Ted Ginn. If that happens it would be because Alex Smith figured it out.
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