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So..are the 49ers...

I don't know if acquiring Ted Ginn alone makes us a top NFC team, but it could be the difference maker if everything else we did well last year stays as good and Alex Smith and the O Line turn it up a couple notches. The ingredients are there (except maybe at RT). Now lets start cookin.
We need to rebuild the line and one more defensive playmaker and then we can start looking at playoffs and what not.
Originally posted by danimal:
why do good fans allow themselves to think this way.

You know damn well we are not a returner away from being an NFC class team.

Also, you should know damn well by now, that those 2 1sts rounders could EASILY be non starters in 2010.

Geesh. same s**t every year. Feb - April we are talking UP our picks.

Then in August, all the posts are about....Patience, of course so and so wasn't going to make an immediate contribution, cmon he is a rookie.

Because we are fans? Doesn't cost anything to be a little optimistic.
top 5 for sure....thge return game cost us at least 3 games and that is fixed barring injury......not to mention Ginn might help us with the offensive package even a little.....remember he actually burned Revis for a td last even as a 3rd/4th option we are in great shape. I would say we are now a better team than PHI w/o McNabb, so I think the only teams in the NFC we have to worry about is NO, Minn (even though we could of beaten them WITHOUT GORE), GB, Cowboys
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Originally posted by jrg:
a top NFC team now?

KR/PR was one of our glaring weaknesses and we addressed that issue with still 2 1st round picks to work on the OL.

With Smith improving and having the same playbook for the first time in his career..Crabtree for an entire season..arguably the best TE in the NFL, one of the better defenses in the NFL..are we finally on our way?


um...we are always a top team in the off-season
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I'd still rather get spiller and use him as our punt returner. ginn is fast, but he aint quick.
Not without improved o-line, qb, and secondary play.
the niners are gonna f**k the NFC hard this year!!! depending on how the draft and our shiny new, hopefully, infinitely more competent O-Line coach fixes the line, we should be legit contenders. we have weapons on offense, smith finally got it last year and should get way better this year with timing and tendencies of his receivers and more comfort in the offense, our defense was good last year and should be better after the draft and a few of our guys playing for bigger contracts, special teams should be improved with Ginn. come on trolls, attack cuz i dont care!!! niners in the playoffs this year for sure and depending on how good it all clicks together it could be a magical year. damn this koolaid is good!!!
Hell, and, Yes.

Yes we are on our way
We have shown we can beat the teams in the West even when we are mediocre. If we can beat most of the team on the rest of the schedule. We will be in the playoffs
Top NFC team? No. I do believe out of the 16 teams though, we are in the top 8 potentially. I don't think we're worse than 10th though but can be has good as a 4th if we have a stellar season.

Originally posted by 49erForLife420:
Originally posted by darkknight49:
no, not until RT is settled and the QB proves his worth.

ive been wondering why we havnt picked up an 0 tackle in free agency.. and now we go out and get this Ginn fella. seems to be a promising Return man for us.... why havnt we got anyone for the line yet?? maybe Alex Boone is showing alot of promise.. hes deffinenlty got the work ethic down for sure.... I mean we all think we are ganna get a good 0 tackle in the draft BUT we dont kno for sure if its even goin to be there so... i really think its a big chance not getting a Decent FA 0 tackle.


... is a zero Tackle?

I am wondering if this team goes T, G in the 1st and then CB in the 2nd.....
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