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What will the 49ers get for Shaun Hill?

What will the 49ers get for Shaun Hill?

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What will the 49ers get for Shaun Hill?

A bag of peanuts.
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
What will the 49ers get for Shaun Hill?

Yum, Shimp-flavored noodles
a freed up roster spot
Nothing, once Hill is inevitably released, he becomes a FA.. No team would give anything... knowing all they have to do is wait.
IF they can trade him at all I am guessing it would be for a 6th round pick this year or a 5th next year.

half a bag of popcorn
I hope they get something, but I doubt it. With the signing of carr, the other teams know it is only a matter of time before hill gets dropped from the roster.

S. Hill will be traded straight-up for our new back-up punter. That spot needs to be filled.
the no-doze would have the most short-term value for us
We should package him with a 6th and get a year's supply of no-dose for Jimmy. One bottle probably wouldn't last a game.
Jose Cortez and a Box of Trojenz extra cactus.

Dan Snyder has always been a sucker for losers.

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If we could get a 6th or 7th rounder, that would be awesome, considering we didn't pay anything for him. Some teams may see his succes under Martz and then lackluster performance under Raye as game-planning issues more than Hill's inadequecies (sp?)
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