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Official Losers in first week of F/A (Article)

Well, a lot of fans like when we're mentioned in anything at all, so we might as well take the good with the bad.

Maybe management will see this and make a surprising move. It could happen right?
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I'm not a fan of the Carr signing at all but usually the FA winners don't end up being the real winners when the season is done.
We weren't losers in FA.
Unless you LOSE a s**tload of players, there is no losing free agency.
So we're losers because we didn't want to spend a s**tload of $$ on players we don't need...interesting
We're loser because we signed David Carr? That makes sense.

Essentially, they are saying David Carr makes us worse than what we were last season.
Weren't the Redskins the "big winners" in FA last year? How did that turn out for Zorn and Cerrato the GM?
The Cardinals, on the other hand, are BIIIIIG Losers. If we don't take the division this upcoming year, especially the way the Cardinals are falling apart.. i don't know what I'm going to do.

Playoffs by default in 2010!! woo!!!!
I doubt Carr will make enough of an impact either way to place on this list. A couple other thoughts 1. Isn't it a little early for this list? 2. Dosen't Carruci always have something bad to say about the niners anyway?
Memo to Niner fans: Free Agency lasts longer than 6 days

This article is stupid. Alex Smith may not be a probowler, but he is far from being the most glaring issue with the team. If the Niners had swung and missed on a perennial probowl guard or tackle, then I would have to agree with them. But to comment on the Niners signing a no. 2 QB? That would have to be a reach...

I hope we fly under the radar the entire off-season. Yes, give us the bad press. Say we suck. I hope it makes all the national rags.
Originally posted by YourHuckleberry:
We weren't losers in FA.
We are in the Top 5 losers for simply signing Carr?? What a f**king Joke! That writer is a deuche!
lol who was worth getting in FA?
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