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What would you do if the Niners don't re-sign Willis?

I would blame McCloughan for not getting more talent on the team when they had the chance. Due to his current player aqcuisition philosophy, the team is in danger of losing the talent they have at this point. If the Niners don't want to keep their players happy by both paying them and giving them a chance to go to the SB someone else gladly will.
Probably just continue not going to games.

I stopped going out of my way to go to games (I live in SoCal) a long time ago. If ownership fails to put a winning product on the field, I'm going to continue to refuse to spend $ out of my pocket on them.

I really dislike Jim Rome but that^ is the one good point that guy has made. There is no reason to support losing. If you want to make a difference as a fan make it with your pocketbook. The failure to resign an all world linebacker (if it did happen) would pretty much be inexcusable imo.
we can always franchise him till we get him signed only way he doesnt sign is if he doesnt wanna be a niner which i dont think is gonna be a problem
honestly I'd probably give up on the niners until someone with sense started running the franchise, my guess is VD, Willis and Gore will get extensions soon. I'd be weary of extending Gore though, maybe a season or two franchised and let him walk by that time he'll be nearly 30.
I would wake up from the nightmare, because there's no way in hell this team doesn't resign Willis.
Won't make a difference, because it'd be par for the 49ers course. The Saints make bold moves and get Brees and a boatload of free agents and win a Super Bowl. The Bears make bold moves and got Cutler last year & get Peppers and Chester Taylor this year because they want to WIN!

The 49ers GM gets...JACK?!? The only reason we have a chance to make the play-offs is because Kurt Warner just retired and the rest of the division is a joke.
What would Brian Boitano do?
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Originally posted by jdt84_2:
shut up
shut up
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.....blame the David Carr signing!!!
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I would rather have a stud outside LB that could get double digit sacks every year.

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What did we do when we couldnt sign Julian Peterson ?

Pretend he sucked and label him a garbage LB in Niner lore........
Originally posted by Mex49:
I would rather have a stud outside LB that could get double digit sacks every year.

I won't drop $2200 on season tickets
i would headbutt my tv, computer, car, girlfriend, maybe even my mom
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I would destroy the internet
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