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Question To Al Niner Fans??

Originally posted by valrod33:
for ever
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Is that a serious question? I cant even answer that.......
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I've been a fan since my school days back a long time ago. Had season tickets since the Joe Thomas years, so I'm not going to cease following the team and hoping they do well just because they continue to struggle now.

I ceased my fanatical support when Mooch was fired for BS reasons. I continued to re-new my season tickets until this year. I still have access to them via my best friend but I will not continue to support an organization that has no clue how to go forward. I also choose not to have a portion of my tax money go to support the corrupt Newsom organization and the idiots that run San Francisco.
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after that eagles loss, ive had about enough...

go chargers!!!
I'm not a fair-weather fan. 49'ers all the way - everyday.
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Its a nice question for Al, i hope he can answer pretty quick.
Let me answer that while im waiting;

EVEN IF I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE BIGGEST BUST AT QB, i will continue to support our 9ers!!! (i hope he can retire soon)
well as i keep hearing that the world is gona end in 2012 maybe untill then, but if it doesnt, FOREVER sound good
Originally posted by kstolai:
Originally posted by valrod33:
for ever
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Who's Al?

Till the casket drops!!!!!!!
and bring'n with me!

How long? Are you serious???


The last couple of years have been nothing compared to the Erickson/Donahue years after the 02 season. 03 and 04 were WAY, WAY, WAY, worse than the last couple of seasons.
And for the older fans, I'm sure they can remember some horrible times from before I was around.
But since I can remember, the Niners have had a fairly good run. Being the team of the decade in the 80s, and in the 90s they were always mentioned as a SB contender. We've been spoiled IMO.

Things are tough now, but it doesn't matter to me. I'll always be a Niner fan.
Originally posted by Eastcoast49er:
How long will you stay a fan if the we keep losing and don't make the playoffs year after year? I am a fan for life.


The zone is probably the wrong place to ask,there are so many weak bandwagon fans on this site it's pathetic

till death do us part
49er Faithful 4 EVER!!
There is a difference between fans and bandwagon fans. A question like this separates the two.
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