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Question To Al Niner Fans??

After the crap we had with Nolan, I'll keep cheering as long as we're competing in every game. This year, except for the Falcons game, we were fighting hard and in the games. If we have a team full of fight, they can only get better as we get more talent.

The day they stop competing and start laying down is when I'll stop watching.
There is absolutely no way I root for another NFL team! No way!

I've been blessed to watch each SB victory and that will carry me to the end.......

Win or lose, NINER for life......
Originally posted by redmanc07:
Im jumpin ship now that we suck this season. But all the wins and excitement over the past 6 seasons had been enough to keep me rollin....

I got my 49ers tattoo in the midst of 3 wins in a season and a half losing stretch and after a season in which we went 2-14. I am a Niners fanatic for liiiiiiifffffeee
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