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Crabtree Highlight Vid (not complete, want suggestions)


you can intro him for the first minute with the draft, maybe TT highlights. the song slumps starting around 1:05 put on the amazing highlights that are Michael Crabtree

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Originally posted by chico49erfan:

i couldnt hear the music over those ta-tas. wheres a drool smiley when you need one?
Doubt it will get a lot of support here , but it's certainly long and aggressive enough:

Maybe you're an EDM fan too though?
How bout this.... Its fitting for the start of his career. Different from the rock and rap songs.

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When this coming out lol

Run This Town by Jay-Z
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Originally posted by ReverendRashad15:
Originally posted by Marvin49:
Originally posted by ReverendRashad15:
metalicca is dumb ass gay my nig ... ain't no one wanna listen to that



Feel free to believe that and make your own video if you don't like it.

Bottom line, I'm old school so first and foremost I want something I like. I was looking for suggestions, but there has been nothing so far that I both like or is long enough at the same time.

I think its gonna be feel free to mute it or don't watch it at all.

lol u mad ... u askin for advice so i gave u some ... all the white boys i used to know done growed out of that weak ass bulls**t when they was like 12 ... metalicca is mad homo and the drummer look like a retard nigga ... stop suggesting we make vids ... most us don't give a f**k ... plus I can steal yours and replace audio when it's done ... ill watch it though cuz 15 my fav player

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