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I know this is rash... but do we start wilhelm over takeo?

I know this is rash... but do we start wilhelm over takeo?

No, but he gives us a nice option for next season. McKillop might take a couple years to be ready to start. If so, I think Wilhelm come be a nice stop-gap.
McKillop was drafted to eventually replace Takeo...but Wilhelm's acquisition was a very good move. I remember him playing w/'Bolts...always thought he had some good skills. He's one of those LBs who can play the run and pass well.
negative. Spikes has done NOTHING to lose his job. He's been playing well for us.
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Yes this is rash.
Start Wilhelm if Takeo is injured, even partially injured/recovering
Woowzers, Spikes is always in on the play. Only problem is that we didn't sign Spikes back in the day when he first became a FA.
Originally posted by smashmouth51:
Spikes is a veteran and takes too many plays off. Wilhelm is hungry and will play hard every play. Yes, Wilhelm over an injured 30 something at the end of his career. Titans rb wouldn't have scored at the end of the game last week if Spikes hadn't slowed up at the end of the play when he thought the rb was going to be tackled or pushed out of bounds. Its crap like that that makes Skikes play so inconsistant. If Spikes would have continued hard then he could have leveled the rb out at the 3 instead of the TN getting a td.

You need to rewatch that play as Spikes is in no position to make any tackle.
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Originally posted by Niners99:
the 49erswebzone, where fans will call for their QB's head for 1 bad game, and will anoint a practice squad LB over an all-pro LB because of 1 half.

this..... and we see the kind of stuff waaaaaaaayyy to much
I think we missed TKO today. I think some of those longer runs would have been bottled up earlier with him on the field.

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