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The Meltdown has begun!

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It took 8 games for the media, fans and bandwagoners to start throwing in the towel. Talk about resiliance.

I understand the media perspective. Guys like Barrows, Cohn and the like now have thieir chance to retaliate for not being allowed on the field to watch OTA's/practices. It's obvious that writer's are allowing their bitterness to influence the manner in which they pile on in their articles. Since when did journalists become psychiatrists and infer the meaning of what the coaches statements really meant.

My question is this: What did everyone expect??? Did anyone expect this to be anything but a work in progress? They have a favorable schedule from here on out and have at least a chance to be a .500 club. Going into the season, their schedule looked awfully tough and to end up at .500 would have been respectable.

Now, take into account a completely new coaching staff and a re-evaluation of player/personnel (A.Smith, J. Hill, T. Brown) and the results are to be expected. We have an offensive line that has struggled (expected) and a defensive line that has sporadically pressed opposing QB's (expected). Maybe changes to the coaching staff will be made at season's end. The Saints grabbed D Coordinator Williams after Sean Payton was at the helm for 3yrs and that tweak seems to be working out pretty well for them. It didn't happen overnight folks.

Why is everyone caught up in "Why isn't coach focusing on the Cardinals?" Anyone hear of the saying "Focus on what you can control." In college football - do Texas, Alabama and TCU coaches worry about what the Florida Gators are doing. Nope. They focus on what teams are ahead on their schedule. Win your games and the rest will work itself out.

Lighten up and relax!

No it didn't happen overnight - we've been under construction for 7 years!

Just wait till next year......
It's going to take time ......
Change doesn't happen overnight.......
Give them 2 or 3 more off-seasons, they'll get it right at some point .......

Exactly. How many years in a row are we going to hear that it will come together next year. What a joke!
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Not asking for overnight, but 7 years is the definition of patience. If A. Smith doesn't work out...10 years. I'll still be a fan...just a very frustrated one.

Had we blown up the coaching staff and hired some one other than Singletary as head coach, we would be much further behind the eight ball and considered a team in rebuilding mode (Rams, Bucks, Chiefs, Browns).

Currently, we still can salvage this season. A six game winning streak would erase all this bad blood.

I respect your opinion but I disagree with it. Frankly, I don't even thing Singletary is accountable for:

Brandon Jones
Marvel Smith
Demetric Evans
Tony Pashos

0 for 4

Singletary is a rookie coach that has little help from his GM.

Agree with you. The current GM is the one person in the organization who is primarily responible for all the players on this team. Singletary doesn't have the influence or tenure to be held to account for some of the 49er's questionable personnel moves.

It is the ownership and sr management's opinion that every new head coach or GM must be given at least 4 years unless some special circumstances.

First year to get familiar and cleanse, 2nd year to continue what couldn't be finished in the first year, 3nd year to rebuild, 4th year to evaluate what else needs to be improved. 5th year to see improvements in W/L column. 6th year to expect playoff, 7th year to expect playoff and beyond.

It takes patience, dedication and understanding fans.

Dude, you sound like NolanHasAPlan, did you change your name?

Was NolanHasAPlan a fan of coach Nolan? An understanding fan that knows rebuilding takes time and patience? Or a fan with misguided enthusiasm that constantly want immediate success? The ownership and sr management are glad that most fans on this forum are very understanding and displayed patience.

The ownership and sr management would also like to express our full support of coach Singletary and understand that it would take a year or two for him to put his imprint on the team. We are pleased with the progress as our internal scoreboard is showing 7-1 for this season. Picking media as enemy also shown that coach Singletary has learn from his mentor.
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