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**Update** Staley out 6 weeks Clements out 6-8 weeks

Originally posted by BETTERDAYZ9ERS:
Great glad to hear that they'll be available for the playoffs

PLAYOFFS! playoffs. wait let me get straight PLAYOFFS! playoffs. REALLY PLAYOFFS!
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What a bad break. Alex Smith healthy and playing well but cannot get any Pass protection
I guess in a positive light our young cbs get their chance to gain invaluable experience and prove they are worth their extensions. This is a chance for them to mesh and we get a glimpse at the future of our 49er secondary.

With Dre Bly as our 3rd and the underrated Marcus Hudson as 4th string, I still am not too worried about the match-ups we have coming up. Let's look at our next couple of games

Tennessee -- They have no legit #1 and Spencer shut down Boldin/Fitz, I think he can handle Washington/Gage. My worry here is Chris Johnson, so if we stop him like we did to AP, we will win (they don't have Favre to trick us into a loss)

Bears -- They have no legit #1 and I think we can contain Hester/Knox. This is a game where we need to watch out for their TE. I think we take this one.

Green Bay -- This could be trouble and depth will hurt. Aaron Rodgers might go Peyton Manning on us yardage-wise. I chalk this up as a loss because IMO green bay is a better overall team.

Jacksonville/Seattle -- Same as the Titans/Bears.

Potentially going into the MNF against Zona we could be 7-5 and in most of those games it's not the secondary I'm more worried about. By here, Clements will be back possibly as a situational defensive back and with a win, we go into the stretch 8-5. Then it's Philly (loss), the Lions (win), and rams (win).

If we SHOW UP, play CONSISTENTLY, and above all -- our O-Line can just play decently, we can easily go 9-7 or even 10-6 and win our division. Go 49ers!
Please just put Clements on IR and then sign Runyan. There's a chance that Nate doesn't even play the rest of the season and we NEED another OT. Come on Scotty.
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Please just put Clements on IR and then sign Runyan. There's a chance that Nate doesn't even play the rest of the season and we NEED another OT. Come on Scotty.

Dude Runyan had another major op on his knee. i wouldnt waste the time or the money. Sims used to be good i t hink he could pull it off. no need to go out & get an old washed up OT. We should've made the move for Stacy Andrews but nope Scotty went after Demetrick Evans? nice job Gm!
Sims is a vet and he played ok against Freeney. I feel better about this than injury situations in the past when we had absolute nobodies come in off the street to start. Is it ideal? No. But we will have to move forward. With Alex and his quicker decisions/mobility our line has already become a bit less of a liability as it had before. Not that it's good by any means, but he's been able to function better behind it than Shaun.
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Seasons done boys
fairweather @ss fan, get that outta here
If Sims can hold up in a good way until Staley comes back, he'll be my vote for MVP! And a huge bonus at the end of the year from York! Come on Barry bring us to the playoffs !!!
We need Sims to do a solid job for at least the next month, I think we can get Staley back in 4 weeks but if were not in playoff contention there will be no point in bringing him back anymore
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