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FootballOutsiders: 49er Running Game = Fail

Across the board, our power running stats are awful: 31st in power running, 27th in "stuffed %", 29th in betweeen the tackles, 32nd off left tackle, 31st off right tackle. The only area of success we have in the running game (as a unit) is running behind Vernon Davis...that's it.

What's worse is that we run more between the tackles than any other team in the NFL. Other teams who run a lot between the tackles at least have success (NE, DEN, JAX).

Cognitive dissonance on behalf of the coaching staff.

just proves what everyone already knows
Sing needs a better X's and O's guy for offense or he's doomed.
Don't worry, all those 1 yard gains up the gut take pressure off the QB and help setup the passing game (sarcasm).
b b b but Gore is averaging 6 yards a carrrryyyyyy
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Originally posted by LBSI9ers:
Sing needs a better X's and O's guy for offense or he's doomed.

I have an idea. Just a thought. Three offensive co-ordinator's in three years, several QB injuries, league leading sacks allowed, lack of consistent running, all in the same span of time......let's try fixing the o-line, maybe we can even fix it so it can pass protect consistently too. Just a hunch...
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