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Our defense versus Chris Johnson

Originally posted by jcs:
Originally posted by Tru2RedNGold25:
If we can hold the BEST back in the league under 100 yds what makes u think that we cant hold down Johnson he doesnt come close to Peterson especially with that line that Tennessee has.
The reason Johnson was succesfull yesterday was because Jacksonville's rush defense is ranked 25th (128.3)yds overall.

niners are ranked 2nd (84.9)yds

It wont be a problem to stop Tennessee or Vince Young
he doesnt scare me will be all over his a$$ all day!!!

We're good at stopping the run...against the pass however...

But come Bro be positive we are not Playing Peyton Manning this week its
Vince Young he couldnt even throw over 200 yds againt a weak pass defense of Jacksonville he had like 125 yds passing those are Shaun Hill numbers yea we got torched for over 300 yds by Manning but come on thats a Future HOF
Vince Young is a future back up
TRUST WE WILL BE FINE this weekend
It's gonna be tough. I heard their starting RG is a huge Filipino dude that will use his Manny Pacquiao-like secrets against us.
Their WR's don't scare me.

Their QB doesn't scare me.

Their D doesn't scare me.

Chris Johnson scares me a bit just on screens or dump offs, we will do fine against him if he rushes.
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