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Punt/Kick Off return

is it me or we desperately need a good returner? Michael Robinson's slow arse isn't getting the job done, field position is you all agree we need a serious kick arse returner?
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I don't care about the return game. Good teams don't need good returners. I would fix other things first.

But I'm all for getting Dexter McCluster '10
I cannot for the life of me figure out why Spurlock is not returning kickoffs.
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Yeah, it's pretty obvious. Why the f**k do we have Spurlock if we aren't going to use him? I'm beginning to think Singletary is Fred and Raye is Barney. Come on coaches, wake the hell up.

The decision to let go Rossum has resulted in:

Battle muffing a punt, killing our chances in the Houston game.

Brandon Jones fielding a punt inside the 10-yard line.

Our top CB getting seriously injured.

Great move. Hopefully, Singletary wakes up and puts Spurlock in there. Hopefully, Raye realizes that the strength of this team is the passing game. This isn't over, but the coaches have to make sure the players are being used properly. All this talk about "finishing,"'s the coaches who need to finish. The players are doing their part.
Originally posted by Thorhawk:
I cannot for the life of me figure out why Spurlock is not returning kickoffs.

b/c that would make too much sense if he did.
Is Spurlock even any good? He didn't seem very fast or elusive in the preseason.
What I dont understand is why release your decent punt & kick returner when you dont have a replacement? Why keep Michael Robinson? These are the decisions that have me scratch my head. Battle fumbled a punt last week that possibly cost us the game and now Clements is possibly out for the year. Bad decisions there Mr. Sing.
it's quickly turning into one of this teams biggest needs
no it's just you

ignore the hundreds of posts about the situation
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