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Defense got Three Sacks and a Fumble

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Manusky did a great job with the defense and I think he'll be a good co-ordinator. I think he blitzes too often late in games though with a tired defense. I think that's more because we don't have 1 guy who we can count on for a consistent pass rush though. Did anybody else notice that the defense looked worn out when they were blitzing later on in the game?
they were in manning's face all game long, that's why he was over throwing his recievers. Our defense supprised me, I was not expecting what i saw from them. Coach manusky prepared them very well and they executed. The only thing that hurt them was not recognizing the screen play. and blitzing right into it.
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Niners showcase effective strategy to stop Colts

The 49ers may have provided the future opponents of the Colts an effective blueprint for defending Peyton Manning and Co. Using a four-man rush with a variety of zone coverage on the back end, the 49ers disrupted the timing of the passing game and kept Manning out of sync in the pocket.

While others have attempted to use similar tactics to defend Indianapolis, San Francisco's strategy was effective because of the outstanding play of its defensive line. The front line overpowered the Colts at the point of attack using a mixture conventional rushes and simple stunts with the 49ers' hulking interior players.

While the strategy wasn't complex, it was effective as San Francisco recorded three sacks on the day and forced Indianapolis to repeatedly settle for field goals.

-- Bucky Brooks
Originally posted by Ninefan56:
How did our guys get three sacks on Manning? That was more in one game than Indi had gotten in all of the previous games. So we did some things well.

yes , and gave up 300 plus yards , we are 25 in pass D , don't get excited !
300 yards and 18 points. I will take that any day against a team like Indie. We did good and we were in the game. We were not blown out. We could have one if a play or two had gone our way. I am happy with the results. I would have been happier with a win but I did not think we would be Indie so we played at a higher level than I though they would play.
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