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Not a running team.

Originally posted by Eduardo75:
What is sad is Gore's run came early in the 1st quarter, 64 yards.. And he still didn't get a 100 yards on the ground... Aside from 3 big runs by Gore's the run has been non-existent.. Today against the Colts, and much smaller line, we really couldn't constantly open holes..

That has to be something to really worry about...

Sad but true..........
What is realy very sad is that our offense with the personnel that we have is built very muc like the Colt's offense. It comes down to the coaches (esp. Sing) to realize that and to properly make use of what they have.
I hope that when they look at the film, that they see the way our offense looked compared to the Colt's offense in the 1st half. It was very uncanny to me. To watch Alex in the spread and in the 2 min. drill; he looked like a young (not quite there-but close) Peyton. Given some WRs who can run routes and catch the ball...
When will our HC/OC install pass plays that Peyton/Clark make work for so may completions/1st downs for Alex and Davis/Walker (anyone remember D. walker)?
Run to set up the Pass...remember that saying? Well hell its not working. So why not go with Pass to setup the Run?

Smith is so successful when we play the spread offense. So why not play to smith's strenghts to set up Gore? I don't understand coaches sometimes. Yes you have a philosophy, I get it but if its not working then you gotta change it.

We are just to dang predictable! When defenses get us into 3rd and long situations they've done their job and they do their jobs quite often.
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