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Chilo is the new Kwame

Chilo is the new Kwame

No the guy just needs to step up his play.
Originally posted by jrg:
Epic Fail.

Couldn't agree more.
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Good lord.

I will admit that Chilo has been playing like absolute crap. But c'mon. He is barley approaching 16 starts in his career and has shown flashes of being pretty good. I think it would be wise to de-activate him for a week and just let our o-line coach work on him. Maybe watching from the sidelines for a week will get a fire burning in him and make him play better.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
In honor of the Draft Class of 2008, I present to you:


Balmer- Doing exactly what you want out of a 3-4 Lineman. Getting better everyweek.
Rachal- Showed he can be a very good, has hit a rut and needs to get out of it. Lack of confidence not talent.
Smith- Growing, was a very raw rookie and wouldn't get paying time if healthy anyways. Will play a big role in the future.
Wallace- Another raw talent that is behind above average center and an experienced back-up in Baas. Most drafts shouldn't see extensive playing time till the 3rd to 4th year beside your top picks which Rachal and Kentwan have.
This kid is a very young player. He has a lot of ability but is in a rut right now. He has had some good games last year but for some reason just isn't making the right reads, which puts him in bad angles to make blocks.

I think he needs to sit for a couple of games to settle in a bit and then get back in the game. He has too much talent to consider him a failure at this point.

I am more concerned about the OL coaching in general. With the exception of Heitmann, the same guys are making the same mistakes. A good position coach should have them playing better than they are, Rachal included.
We could have had Jackson!

Enough said...
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