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Chilo is the new Kwame

Chilo is the new Kwame

Originally posted by znk916:

znk916 ------ This is a very poor set of choices to choose from ------ your missing the most imortant choice ------ NO

Kwame was bad over loooooooooooooong stretch.

Chilo is still in the process of developing and he did come out early. How many starts has he had so far ??????

At this point it's too early tell how he will end up ------ but he is playing poorly right now.
whatever happen to that beast mode he was saying at the begining of this year???
Originally posted by Juniorminime:
whatever happen to that beast mode he was saying at the begining of this year???

Does this mean we get to do a Chilo Photoshop Thread (AKA GREATEST THREAD EVER)

Originally posted by Marvin49:
Nothing like overreaction in the 'Zone.

True, but still, he got whipped by a 39 year old mediocre D-lineman.
In honor of the Draft Class of 2008, I present to you:

NO way! kwame was a good guy, smart, etc, but couldn't block. Period.

Last yr, as a rook, chilo came out with some of his patented pancake blocks, and looked like we had our new OG. What happened? My guess is that he has gotten rotten, horrid , putrified OL coaching, and he has regressed. No way a kid like that can come out, play well, and then look like crap next season, unless...he is being coached so poorly that he has no idea what he is supposed to do. Look at the film. Half the time his body language is "who should i have blocked?".

Kwame couldn't block. RAchal can. But he has to unlearn whatever rotten bullschidt he has been taught by our failed OL coach, who now has only staley blocking well, and baas, heitmann, snyder, wragge and chilo (never mind sims and pashos----those were totally worthless acquisitions), and makes me wonder what mcClown is feelings are Clown hasn't the foggiest idea why our OL can't block. Because he hasn't taken guys at the top of the chart(except for staley and he was rated 3rd best OT), is my guess as to why. But then on top of getting less than top quality OLs, he has an OL coach who is bad, worse, worst, most worster, and actually is badder than that. I now think we would be better off with no OL coach, and let bigMike work with OL than what we have at present...which is not working.
what kind of option are yes and agreed?

anyway i think he should do what hes doing and then adress RG before the second round in the draft
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Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by crzy:
Kwame was a better run blocker


sad but true

Chilo atleast doesn't commit as many penalties as Kwame did though. But he shouldn't be playing right now.
ummm no. kwame's forte was penaltys on huge plays. lets not forget that.

Originally posted by MadDog49er:
In honor of the Draft Class of 2008, I present to you:


does anyone else think Nolan knew he was on his way out so he convinced management to take the WORST players he could find? And maybe screwed it up when he drafted Josh Morgan? hmmmmmmm........
This poll is retarded.
Originally posted by Knowledge:

Dicuss? He doesn't jump offsides.
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Epic Fail.

Him and Staley are the future of our OL.

Rachal will be a very good lineman.
Rachal is in his 2nd season so I'll give him more time to prove himself. What he does have in common with Harris, for now, is that he hasn't realized his full potential.
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