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Defending NFC champs Cardinals threatening 49ers chances at NFC West title

I'm glad I don't live in your alternate universe, where the Cards win the Super Bowl and Niner fans call each other "busters"....

Keep in mind the cards just barely beat hou in their house right off a bye. Now they have a good but inconsistent team but I still think we are a lot more consistent and a lil bit better overall than them and I think we win this division. Nyg will put some pressure on warner in nyc and I think the giants roll on em. Heck and wit the amount of penalties they accrue if they win this division wit that lack of discipline I will b disappointed
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Originally posted by mebemused:
Would love to see us win the division, but I don't think we have the horses on offense. I watched the Saint's offense dominate the Giants #1 defense. We aren't even close to executing a balanced offense of that caliber. Unfortunately, the Cardinals are much closer than we.

And to prove the point, the Falcons use a power running offense with 2 backs and 2 TEs, with an occasional vertical pass. That is the roughly the kind of offense Singletary wants us to have. They overwhelmed our D, and our offense couldn't keep up with them.

If 8 and 8 wins the division, than we have a chance. If it takes 10 wins, maybe next year, (depending on who we draft and how Nate Davis develops.)

I wish we had a QB like Ryan
what is a buster?
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Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
We all thought this was in the bag when we swept our division in the first quarter of the season...not so fast busters...the Cardinals are 3-2 after thoroughly dominating the Seahawks in Seattle.

It's going to be a dogfight. Even if we should beat Arizona at home we're still going to have to win at least 10 games to take the division I would say. Looking at Zona's schedule--they're ripe for a 10/11 win season.

Of course one game at a time but we definitely need to win this Sunday---and if we don't the team's going to have to go through a transformation unheard of to hang with the Colts the following week.

LOL Not all of us. "Not us Negative Nancy's" or us "Hatin Harold's" We tried to keep guys grounded. But nooooooooo. Here comes Cloud 9. ALL ABOARD!!!!!!
Jason Hill, Battle & Spurlock for Smith
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Originally posted by King49er:
what is a buster?

Originally posted by vrock49151:
Dont get it when did the cards become a great team what makes anyone think they will make the playoffs a long as we take it one game at at time we can take the division we are 3-2 if it was'ent for Farve we would be 4-1 yet people are calling for Smith KRAZY!!

I don't think the record has anything to do with people calling for Smith, it is more the helicopter style lame ducks that Hill throws all game. We have not beaten anyone good either...
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