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Alex Smith & Crabtree Chemistry

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Chemistry is the last of my concern! NFL Talent, then chemistry.
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This is funny I had to post. AS of an article I read today, One of the trainers who used to be a QB is now throwing to CTree till Hill gets back. Of course he's back now. So right, there was such fabulous chemistry they took Smith off the job and gave it to a trainer who used to be a QB to throw to him.

Imagine if you are Smith and even, tossing the ball to the new guy is taken away because, They don't the WR to get bad habits from catching Smith's balls!!!!!!!!! That's wot I think.. sad, but so true.

I am not definitely saying Hill is the man of the hour, but Smith's talent level is so low, it makes Hill the starter by default. Just ger Davis in I say. If Sanchez, Stafford, Ryan ( the qb who kicked our ass) and Flacco can do it, then Davis can too. Open your eyes, not everyone comes to the NFL from a trick offense without presence.. oh what's the use, it's all been said before..

Bust, he is, bust he is.

Ok then if you don't believe me, there was a great interview MM did with the guy who studies all the NFL game film and then comments for the NFL, this was a few days ago, and to my mind this is THE most scathing review of A Smith's abilities I have EVER read. To wit:

I know you haven't seen him play in two years, but is there where Alex Smith, because of his arm strength and the better physical tools, might be the better option at quarterback?

"Well, I don't think Alex Smith has particularly good physical tools. Certainly, we know Shaun Hill has an average to below-average NFL arm. You're right, we haven't seen Alex Smith throw in two years, but the last time we did see him throw and even when he came out (of college), I'd say Alex Smith's arm strength was slightly better than average - nothing more. I'm always leery - I know he's a smart kid - but I don't know how much he's learned. I'm not there. When you play in the Urban Meyer offense, and I can tell you for a fact, that when Alex Smith went through his board work for teams coming out of the draft that he had zero clue about NFL route combination's, which is not surprising. Because in Urban Meyer's offense, nobody does. I'm not a big Alex Smith guy. I think he has limited skills and I think he's got limited understanding."

You guys should really.......... GET OVER HIM!!!
I digress..


So now that Sanchez has thrown more pick in one game than Smith ever has, is he a bust?

Oh yeah?

Judging by what I have seen of him, and what nearly ALL NFL people say about him, and by the way he handles a rush, etc.. You wanna bet his career will blow Smith's out of the water so far, it be like there was never a Smith to talk about? A load of dung.

That is utterly ridiculous. He threw those picks because of the rush and bad decision making, and he has a much better team than Smith had to work with. Obviously you must not have been paying attention to Sanchez's play. He started off okay, but his game is terrible. You are willing to judge Smith by a ridiculously small body of work, but you are ready to anoint Sanchez one of the greats...that speaks volumes about your depth of knowledge. FYI Sanchez current rating is 56, well below Smiths, even in his terrible rookie year...and Sanchez is on a playoff team. I begin to wonder if you are qualified to make judgments about a quarterbacks ability.

Alex's Smith's QB Rating his rookie year was 40.8. Get your facts straight before you try to call someone out.

Oh, and Sanchez has already thrown 5 times as many TDs than Smith did his rookie year .

But of course, that's totally because of Sanchez's supporting cast .

I think people have a hard time understanding that all QBs are not created equal when they get to the NFL. Some are inherently better than others and more suited to play in the NFL while others aren't.

You want facts? How about in Smith's Rookie year we were fielding the better part of a Pee Wee league team? Remember Lloyd DUCKING a Pass that was intended for him, because "I thought the Pass was intended for someone else"?

Nevermind that we didn't even have a solid OLine for whatever reason.

There is so much poor stuff to expound upon in regards to Smith, in which he had absolutely NO control over. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it before you tell other people how they fell short in their reply.


I always hear this......but then I think back and remember this...
ignore the early footage when we had T.O. ( I believe starting at 2:14 was our first game after Jeff and T.O. left)

Rattay also had a garbage Oline and a bad defense and even worse WRs, as well as Barlow at RB.... the only difference with what Alex had to deal with was just being young....I believe 22....and that is ALL on Alex because he chose to enter the draft with only 2 years experiences in a College spread type offense. The rest is our fault...the fact that we picked him...the fact that we over payed for him.

Ummmm, said it once and I'll say it again now. I was NOT on board with drafting Smith. I wanted Braylon Edwards.

HOWEVER this is 5 years past and I want to see what we actually HAVE in Smith before he gets the boot. Otherwise WHY THE F'N HELL DID WE REWORK HIS F'N DEAL?!?

I absofrigginlutely hate waste. Whether it's money, talent or space.

I'm sure we can ALL of us agree that Hill has not performed CONSISTENTLY, right?

So a change NEEDS to happen if Hill continues to underperform.

If Alex gets no pass for playing on this team with absolutely zero talent surrounding him save for one or two SPs' then Hill gets no pass for this lack of performance on a team that is fielding better talent than any that Smith had.

Seriously why keep sending the Backup in when we have to find out sooner or later if we have to pick a Starter up through the Draft or FA?!?

What the hell is wrong with wanting to find out? Oh that's right "we already know that Smith is a bust". Right?

Well then just stop watching the games cause imho, you're (collectively) satisfied with how this season is shaping up. And that means it's yet ANOTHER losing season. F@#$!!!!


well, if we are still in the playoff hunt, then there is ALOT wrong with "wanting to find out"....because then we are taking a big gamble....

That WOULD be the case if Hill was playing well this year. But he's had two, maybe three decent QUARTERS in five full games. I dont want to find out for next year as much as I want to find out this year. Cause' Hill so obviously is not cutting it, it's not even close.
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