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Although this team is improved in some categories it is still a rebuilding project in many and very overrated on the WZ IMO. Let's look at the games and schedule for starters. Then we will look at other issues effecting this team. The reasons why we aren't a playoff caliber team I state below at the bottom of the post.

1) Cardinals (WIN) - they were missing key players at the time they played us and will be tougher next time.

2) Seahawks (WIN) - A very poor team this year and some key injuries.

3) Vikings (LOSS) - An elite team and they beat us. Say what you want about playing almost good enough. They beat us.

4) Rams (WIN) - When and NFL team plays a college team you are supposed to win.

5) Falcons (BIG LOSS) - A very good team beat us soundly in every aspect of the game.

6) At Texans - (loss).
7) At Colts - (big loss).
8) Titans (win).
9) Bears (loss). Cutler vs. Hill...
10) At Packers (loss).
11) Jaguars (win).
12) At Seattle (loss). They will play better at home.
13) Cardinals (loss). Getting some key players back now.
14) At Eagles (big loss).
15) Lions (win).
16) At Rams (win). You are supposed to beat college teams.

7 - 9 is what we are looking at as a best case scenario.

Also look at these things.

~ A playoff team doesn't have 4 / 5 Offensive linemen who can't block. Please show me the last playoff team that has this....

~ Inconsistent pass rush.

~ Bottom ranked offense. Show me an offense ranked this low that makes the playoffs. There is no ability to pass or come from behind. Thus there is very little ability to win against good teams.

~ Lack of GAME BREAKING SPEED. Good teams have game breakers like the Vikings, Saints or Falcons for example in the NFC. They have guys who can take it to the endzone. We have guys who get caught from behind in the open field.

~ Very questionable game day decisions by the coach. Calling a timeout to give a pep rally at the NFL level. I mean come on.... That cost us when Delanies fumble that wasn't a fumble could have been overturned. That's not playoff worthy. Bill Walsh or Jimmy Johnson would never make a move like that.

Singletary as a motivator 10/10 - no questions.
Singletary's game day decisions 4/10.

That doesn't get you deep in the playoffs.

~ A QB that throws a pass like a punt and can't come from behind. Can only "manage" the game to a win if you are up. But will lose if you are down.

Another overrated year. 49ers fans are hungy for a winning program but these factors make us still a rebuilding team. Playoff teams don't have this many holes. Just watch the playoffs the last few years. They don't have this many problems.

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