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Why are so many fans accepting of the "we were not prepared" excuse

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"We were not prepared" is an easy excuse that still gives players and fans hope. The 9ers were exposed and quit because they lack heart. With all the roster moves now everyone knows there scrambling.

All the roster moves?

Rossum was cut to make room for Crabtree.

Sheets was picked up by Miami.

Khalif Mitchell was signed to the PS to replace Sheets.

Oh yeah the are scrambling

You forgot maybe a new starting QB and moving a WR to PR. thats quite a few moves saying its been pretty quiet besides the Crabtree fiasco
Because' It's easier than saying we're a bad team...which I do not think we are, This team is just getting it's bearings, finding our identity takes time and effort. Yes we got wupped,[sp-?] bad.... But I for one do not think we are as bad as some might think after one game or that we were as good as some said after a good early run...I am in this for the long haul and I trust this Team is also.
one bad game. That's all. if it happens again, heads will roll. But for right now, it's just one game. All teams have bad games at one point or another. Nothing went right for us on Sunday. It happens. Move on.
Failing to prepare means that you are preparing to fail.

This was a trap game, with 3 divisional wins in the bag and the bye a week away. Some zoners saw this trap potential. Personally, I thought that the fact that it was a home game would trump the "trap game" issue. But I was wrong.

I also think that the Crabtree issue was a major distraction that took valuable game prep time away from the coaching staff (esp Singletary and Raye), such that they just weren't on top of the players mindset the way that they normally would be. The OL has been barely marginal all year and a little slip in concentration is all that it took to get spanked. Defensively, the lack of leadership from all the veterans on that side of the ball is disappointing. For sure, they should have smelled the less than 100% intensity during the week.

And I also believe that QB Hill showed the cumulative frustration effect of the beating that he has been taking, through these first 5 games. Note also that the Falcon game plan minimized the role of the FB in favor of more 2 TE and 3 WR formations. Maybe not the right strategic move in terms of pass protection.

Fix the OL and the other ills will be on the way to being remedied.

Now the club is going to have to "get well" on the road. The middle stretch of the season is going to be tough. The club will be better "prepared" in the sense that the coaching staff will be sniffing for any sign of a let-up. But the OL has to do a better job to acheive better W-L results.
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