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Saw this one coming from a mile away???

Tell me some of you after the 1st quarter Int. thought that this was gonna be a long day!!!! Some times these kind of games really speak to the truth and thanks to Atlanta, the 49ers can now figure out where they are as a team..... Talk about a wake up call, gut check, whatever you want to call it!!!
And this needed a new thread why? There is a game day thread that this could have been added to. And to answer your question you could feel the energy coming from the team was not there. They seemed like they were more interested in the bye next week than the game this week.
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great insight. You should replace both Matts for this type of news......
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I knew earlier this week that we were either going to come out soft and rusty because of the Crabtree fiasco all week...or we were going to come out and dominate...

you all know what happened.
I knew something was bad when I was up alll night taking care of my hungover wife, then we get to the game late as she is throwing up in plastic bags all the way up there. I missed most of the first quarter... That should have been a sign that it was going to be a bad day...

On a good note, she was sick as hell, but a trooper and still wanted to go to the game... Weirdest thing though, she got sick again at halftime, so we had to leave......
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