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Eugene Parker has no class

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Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
He built a heck of a pipeline at Florida State....Thanks to Deion Sanders.

Same can be said for Rosenhaus and his long list of players from the U.

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Originally posted by E-49er:

Parker's Agent Profile

His website :
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Originally posted by TenderLoinTimmy:
Ok, so he's no Jerry Mcguire, we see that. Crabs looked very shaky and unprepared for his presser and to be honest, the media was very merciful on him. I could see him getting eaten alive had he been in an east coast market(NYC, Phi, NE, etc.) The more he talked, the more I saw the diva image vanish. So that makes me wonder who was driving his late arrival.....

Maddog, you don't feel that this whole fiasco has hurt his rep a bit? With all the bad air around him, I'd want to explore my options before committing to him if I was an NFL prospect.

The Crabtree holdout is not going to hurt his rep especially when you look at other contracts he has negotiated as of late like the extensions of Steven Jackson, Greg Jennings and Jason Peters. I'm sure he'd still claim a victory on the total worth of this deal with a max of 40 million and has Larry Fitzgerald's rookie deal to show for as well.

If you don't know or don't remember he managed to get the 3rd overall pick in Fitz 6 million more on the total worth than the #1 overall Eli Manning and got the Cards to match Eli's guaranteed amount of 20 million so just because he could not get the 49ers to bust the slot on Crabtree's guaranteed amount or that his client held out for 72 days does not mean he is unsuccessful or a scumbag. He is very very good at what he does.

In the end it is up to the client and not Parker as to whether a deal offered will be accepted. Parker simply informs his client of whether he thinks the offer is fair or whether he thinks he can get a better contract negotiated.

I think the Crabtree holdout "dings" his rep a little since, it was pointless (since he could have likely gotten the same contract had he just come to the bargaining table earlier) and made his client look bad, BUT he has plenty of successes to fall back on, as you mentioned.

Just like everyone, he has his victories and his defeats. But yeah...he's been a successful agent and his entire body of work speaks for him, not just this situation.

I'm not so sure it is true that he had the same deal on the table as before. As Brandt stated in his article, Crabtree's holdout possibly gained him an extra $8 million over the previous offer from the Niners, which was reported to be 5 years, $20 million. His final contract was 6 years, $32 million (the sixth year is valued at $4 million), with the potential of an additional $8 million extra dollars if he makes the Pro-Bowl in one year (more challenging), and he takes 80% of the snaps in another year in which the Niners make the playoff (less challenging).

Let's not forget he only has three years to achieve those two feats. I think the point that you seem to be dancing around is that the 49ers were willing to meet weeks ago and got snubbed. This deal was likely reachable if the two sides were to sit down weeks ago. Parker cost his client valuable playing time and now Crabtree has to be a probowler in order to see an extra penny. That's a big win for the Niners.

Reviewing the contract under Brandt's article, here is how he can waive the final year:

(1) Crabtree makes one Pro Bowl in the first four years of the contract AND in the first five years of the contract, in a year other than the year he makes the Pro Bowl, Crabtree plays in 80% of the team’s offensive plays and the team makes the playoffs in that year;


(2) Crabtree makes one Pro Bowl in the first four years of the contract AND in the first five years of the contract, in a year other than the year he makes the Pro Bowl, is named All-NFL and the team makes the playoffs in that year;


(3) Crabtree makes two Pro Bowls in the first five years of the contract

So, while he does have to make the Pro-Bowl in 2010, 2011, or 2012, he can, in 2013, take 80% of the snaps with a team which makes the playoff, and still hit the incentive.

If the team doesn't make the playoffs, he could still make the money if he makes the Pro-Bowl in two of these four years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

Yes, I'm not denying that. But surely, Parker and Crabtree would have preferred to have an easier way to reach the incentives (35% of the snaps in every given year being an example). I for one hope that Crabtree reaches every incentive on the deal because it'll mean he's a helluva player for our successful team, but chances are very unlikely given our offensive philosophy and the plethora of talented receivers in the NFC. The bottom line, if Parker and Crabtree had gotten to the table earlier, this was a deal that could have been negotiated months ago. The holdout did nothing more then make Crabtree look greedy and give an over-inflated hard-to-reach number for Parker to hang his hat on. I'm sure the Niners feel good that the only way they'll be paying Crabtree is if he turns into one of the best receivers in the league within his first five years.

The thing is, you continue to illogically claim victory when you did nothing but bash the Niners FO this whole time. All things considered, they came out on top with a deal far more favorable to the organization than to Parker, who you relentlessly backed as someone who was going to take advantage of us. We get it, you can't admit you were wrong, but please don't try and parade around here like you predicted this scenario the whole time. You like to call others obtuse, yet your unwillingness to step back and objectively look in the mirror is the very definition.

Completely agree! His continuing defense of Parker is smacking of blind hero worship. He effed up and created a protracted ordeal that was unnecessary. Past history means nothing here, but MadDog continues to laud the guy in order to avoid admitting he was dead wrong in this whole fiasco. I respect his opinion in past, unrelated threads, but his actions in the Crabtree postings has been disappointing and somewhat revealing of a poster who just can't admit error! Let's just hope this kid was worth it!
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