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Will Crabtree make a difference this year?

Will Crabtree make a difference this year?

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You might need to define impact. Will he make plays? Yes, I am sure he won't have stats of 0 catches for 0 yards at the end of the game. Will he perform better than another WR on our team - probably not. I will be curious to see how the other team defends him. Will he scare any defense and get special attention, or do they expect him to underperform as well?
I think he'll contribute, but I don't think he'll be the difference in many games.
Yeah, hopefully, but probably not this year. The learning curve is steep for WRs and it's crazy steep for WRs that completely miss training camp and the first quarter of the season. Stranger things have happened, but I don't think we'll see much production from him until next season.
Crabtree will have his small package of plays and will make a positive impact.
in the playoffs yet
I think his presence in the red zone will help us score. Not saying he will score but he will make defense wonder what he can do and account for him.
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Maybe the difference he makes will be spreading the field. If he worries defenders, just a little bit, and makes it easier for the running game or other receivers (or Davis), then that would be enough for his rookie year.
Originally posted by XrayEcho:
Crabtree will have his small package of plays and will make a positive impact.

you said small package!!
i think these next 4 weeks he will be adjusting to the offense, practice, etc.
the 3rd quarter of the season he will be adjusting to the speed of the game, reading defense, working on route-running.
the final, and MOST IMPORTANT quarter, he will be ready to produce -- im hoping. if all goes well and his skill overlaps into the pros, he will be of huge help in the playoffs in 3 WR sets, screens, etc. i think (optimistically) that he will be a factor at the end of the season... maybe good for a TD pass every other game or 3 rec for 50 yards. ANYTHING will help with our pathetic offense.
Although I really don't know, I'll guess yes. I think he has a lot to prove after all this, and will be hungry to do that.

Minimal. But I hope I'm wrong.
Just ask Michael Irvin on Crabtree making a difference.
Originally posted by Norwalks_Best:
Just ask Michael Irvin on Crabtree making a difference.

gah! i know he was a cowboy, but man, I like Irvin, he seems like such a chill dude.
Originally posted by Marvin49:
Two words....

Bubble Screen.

He probably won't be a starter, but he'll probably get a few plays a game starting with the Texans and steadily get more time as the season goes on.

If the Niners make the playoffs, I'd expect him to be completely up to speed by then.

Well said. Even in his first game, we'll have at least a couple plays designed for him. His impact will depend on how well we execute those plays. By playoff time though, I would think he should be making a big difference, even if he's not an every down player.
He will have 15-20 catches this year and a couple of TD's. There will be a game or two down the stretch where Crabtree will make an impact and help the team win the game(s).
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