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What week does Crabtree make his debut?

What week does Crabtree make his debut?

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I vote 7. I would think they will give him a handful of plays to learn just to get him on the field. I don't think he will have much of an impact until way later.
Week 9 vs Tennessee
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I think after the bye he makes his debut. It should give him enough time to learn some plays and get his feet under him.
After the BYE week.
week 7 is the absolute earliest I could see him get on the field, and I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, but I think week 8 is more likely. from a preperation standpoint, at least, my assumption is that singletary will give active-roster priority to those who are the most prepared to play (for instance, how slowly Brandon Jones has been worked back in)
I honestly feel the Niners should dress him this week put him in a wildcat formation. Let him get rocked for 1 or 2 plays then tell him that was for the fans... Welcome to the team.
My guess would be week 7 versus the Texans.
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Most likely week 8
ASAP. We need help.

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Week 7. I wanna see him heavily involved right from the start.
In all honesty - I would be shocked if he didn't get at least a play or two thrown his way this week. Nothing complicated - something like a bubble screen or a reverse or something - just to get the home crowd on his side PR wise. We have waited sooo long that I can't imagine a scenario where he wouldn't be in uniform and on the field for at least one play.
MM just said on ESPN first take Crabtree will likely make his debut at Houston after the bye.
Do u guys think he has had the playbook this whole time????
Originally posted by mikeyc2281:
Do u guys think he has had the playbook this whole time????

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