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Mike Nolan Built this Team

Mike Nolan brought in the suit!!!
why doesn't he wear it in the DC booth? Nolan is so not
Originally posted by crzy:
Like father like son

Dick Nolan ----> Bill Walsh

Mike Nolan -----> Mike Singletary

that's why you let head coaches coach, you let coordinators call plays and you let gm's and owners assemble the team. nolan had way too much on his plate and not only did he have alot on his plate... he tried eating it all too! he was not successful at being a coach because he had to help everywhere else! he didn't trust his coordinators enough to call plays, he didn't do all the right steps to be a winner! some people are meant for being a head coach! he isn't one! he shoulda just stuck to being a play caller!

Well it can't be denied that Nolan is at least partially responsible for the team as we see it now. I said when he got fired that though he can't coach to save his life, he would probably make a decent front office exec.

But the real question is, is did he really assemble this team? Or was it more Mc C?
Is it worth discussing so much about an ex-coach? It's the past, time to move on...better things are in store.
There will be plenty of credit to pass along "after" we win the SB.
Originally posted by pupsingh:
he just wasnt good at getting his vision through to the players and getting them to execute them.

He set up the defense to be as successful as it is now. The alex smith thing did him in tho.

He brought in:

justin smith
nate clements
Michael Lewis
Joe Staley

Singletary knows how to get nolans vision across and thats the most important thing in a HC. Leave the x's and o's to coordinators. See denver....

Mike is that you????

I thought we banned your ass, go back to the Bronco fan-site where you belong!
Originally posted by RonMexico:
Originally posted by pupsingh:
Originally posted by jreff22:

........nuff said!

Patrick Willis's greatness alone>>> then JTO's suckage...nuff said

stop talking about nolan

nuff said

Nolan is a good DC, not HC material atm. Kinda like Norv Turner, Great OC but not a very good HC...
...on rock and rooooll...

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Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
Originally posted by jreff22:

........nuff said!

O'Sullivan was more Martz than Nolan.

Nolan's problem wasnt getting talent (Gore, Davis, Lawson, Willis, and yes even Smith) it was developing talent especially in guys like Smith and Davis. Davis seems to be flourishing now but Alex is probably permanently damaged goods (at least in SF).

And I agree that ultimately I think Alex-gate was the beginning of the end. People really saw the "real" Mike Nolan after that. He was exposed as the cunning little prick that he is.

Maybe, just maybe, Smith and Davis and anyone else you want to give Singletary credit for developing are finally just maturing and learning the pro game. The amount of cock love for Sing is so laughable.
When Sing calls players out (O-Line)its cool; but, when it was Nolan, it is throwing a player under the bus. Is there really a difference? No.

Nolan's D in Denver is 4-0 so the comments from the Zone about his inability to coach grown men makes us all look so stupid.

We had a string (7 years) of s**t luck starting with Walsh's suggestion to hire f**k face Donahue. Nolan righted the ship, rebuilt the team from the bottom up and put us in this position to win the West.

Thanks Mike, and the best of luck to you.
You will always be welcome in my San Francisco, I know the truth
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[ Edited by Mex49 on Oct 6, 2009 at 16:39:10 ]
The same can be said for most coaches who have a lot of say in who the team signs or drafts. Dennis Green built Arizona, but it's a waste of time to declare, oh he built the Cardinals. Fact is, he didn't get it done. Same with Nolan. Goodbye and good riddance.
Yes, Mike Nolan was here when most of the corp players were added to our roster. And he should get credit for some (Clements, Lewis, etc). But no so much for others (By all accounts, Willis was Scot's selection).

He was also the guy that held the defense back by trying to run a system that was too complex and not really molded to make the most of the players in it. He was kinda like Martz in that respect. The defense (the sole reason this team is even competitive at this point) didn't really improve until he left.

So, yeah its great that he built the car, but he couldn't drive it for sh*t.

And much respect to Mike for what he's done in Denver. They may be overrated, but NOBODY saw them doing what they've done to this point in the season.
I'm pretty sure Scotty built this team....
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