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Mike Nolan Built this Team

Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
He does deserve quite a bit of credit for rebuilding this team from the dregs he inherited. Singletary has acknowledged that a number of times. Agree, he's not nearly as effective as a head coach as a defensive coordinator. He's doing a bang-up job in Denver...considering hardly anyone expected much from their defense this year. He's a quality coach...just not a head coach. He could make a good GM someday, too.


I suspect he will emerge somewhere as a head coach again. Especially if he keeps the Denver defense going at its current pace. Personally IMO the man should be a d-coordinator or a GM.
He tore down what Donahue left behind when he got here. He help rebuild this team but he wasn't the only one. Scot Mc helps too. He f@#k up as a coach here, but learned from it and it showed in Denver.

I'm sure he must of pitch his hybrid 3-4/4-3 in San Fran when he interviewed for the Denver job ... right Sometime a person gets better after they fall on their ass and failed. And be better for it. Doesn't mean he was good for or with us.
Originally posted by AKfanster:
You should see the team I built on Madden!

He may have built it, but Singletary has put the team in the right direction with the right leadership!
Originally posted by tohara3:
He may have built it, but Singletary has put the team in the right direction with the right leadership!

Exactly!! It's Mt Pains team and thats the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!!!
I don't know if you can say built. He didn't know how to utilize the talent he had. I'm sure alot of the personnel came from other influences than just a Nolan.
Nolan was more like the delivery guy that brought individual pieces. The team never really came together until he was gone.
Nowin WHO? I made myself forget that name.
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You're exactly right! His coaching style and in game management ensured we had top 10 picks each year he was here and his commitment to player development allowed emerging players like Haralson, Lawson and David Baas to stay healthy by sitting on the bench. And let's not forget about his excellent cap managemnet skills.... nothing says value like the JJ signing, or other FA acquisitions like TBC. Let's not forget that vaunted Mike Nolan passrush we've had in the past few years......

Nolan should have shut down Alex as soon as the shoulder was hurt. Things may have turned out different.

But honestly, we never played well under Nolan. I don't remember us playing a complete game, and I remember too many close games that were decided because of his philosophy. (Rams 4th & inches)
Nolan is one hell of a DC but he isnt HC material IMO

But as the OP said Nolan pretty much brought the talent over here, Sing has just gotten their potential out of them
Nolan had a major part in gathering the parts, but the team has been built by Sing since Nolan left.
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Like father like son

Dick Nolan ----> Bill Walsh

Mike Nolan -----> Mike Singletary

Mike Nolan gathered the Legos. Sing made them into something.

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