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Baas and Rachal

Why don't we start Pashos at RT, Move Snyder to LG next to Staley and start Wragge at RG id Rachal continues to Struggle? I think Snyder is a better guard than tackle and Wragge held his own when he started due to injury a couple of years ago.
Rachal may still develop, but Baas has never done anything to warrant starting in the NFL.
How about this?

If you can't go full-bore in practice, you don't start on Game Day.

Baas was limited or excused from practice all week, before the Rams game, due to injury. Staley also missed some practice time due to injury, but got in at least one full day of unlimited practice.

I have no excuse whatsoever for Rachal's substandard play. Perhaps the rotation of Snyder/Pashos at RT has thrown off Rachal's rhythm. Perhaps Rachal is also playing hurt. Perhaps Rachal is truggling with all the run blitzing and stunts.
Rachel and baas have been bad this season. They both have missed blocks on running plays many times and have given up more pressure that what they should. Rachel is surprising me though because you would like to see an improvement on a second year player but he has not. I think something is wrong with rachel mentally. Just doesn't look focused or is confused, hopefully something changes and he picks up his play though.
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Its time to rotate Wragge and dare I say Wallace into the O-line.
Originally posted by GEEK:
Its time to rotate Wragge and dare I say Wallace into the O-line.

I think that would be too dangerous, having different personnel in all game would bring more harm then good.
They both suck
These two guys in particular need to get their act together, IMO Wragge will replace Baas after the bye if Baas does not play better this week.
Originally posted by dmatt:
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Rachal is awsome at run blocking but pass blocking needs work bass is pretty bad at both. With the second first round pick we should look for a RT (or the first pick if we cant land berry or mays) and maybe in 2nd or third we can find our upgrade over baas

I don't know what game you are watching. He's had some flashes. Clearly not awesome.

im not basing it on this game just in general and maybe not aswome but he has the potential to be awesome
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
those 2 have been horrible

Originally posted by susweel:
They both suck

lol, you guys summed it up pretty well. Getting tired of seeing the back of Rachal or Bass jerseys as they are watching the guy that just blew by them go after the QB.
Rachal would have benefitted from us drafting a player like Oher or somebody of his ilk to start at Right Tackle. Rachal showed last season that he was great in run blocking, I truly believe he is being affected by having Pashos next to him one minute and Snyder the next, both of whom are pretty poor in general.

As for Baas, well, he needs a fire lit under his ass, he's on borrowed time for me now. He has to step up or he's out the door.
Placing these two guys in the same boat is unfair. Baas has a few years on Rachal. Rachal was young when he came out. This really should be considered his rookie year. Rachal will improve in time with more technique. I think he is figuring out that he can't simply over power everybody in the NFL.

Baas is a different story.
"Stay tuned for pancake city this season."

LOL! Yeah that was a good one Rachal!
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