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I am CONFUSED as to where the 49ers stand as a team

they stand in 1st place of the NFC west, that's where!
Originally posted by Chief:
Originally posted by ClassicNiner:
They are 2 and 1 with 13 games to play.
They hold a one game lead in their division, having beaten the 2 stronger teams.
They have no injuries yet that will keep anyone out after the bye week.
They have a miserable record over the last 5 years that is now irrelevant.
They have shown an endearing ability to hang tough and play hard every week.
That's where they stand as a team.

You were so close to POTD, a couple more lines man, a couple more...

Nothin' else to say, that covers it.
This years team is a universe away from the 04 team. The 09 team plays fundamental sound football. We are winning the giveaway/takeaway battle that is a major key to success. We have several pro bowl quality players who are also leaders. Players drafted 3 years ago are starting to perform I give you Ray McDonald as an example. This team is learning not to panic in years past being down 10 points in a hostile environment they would have folded. This team is finding ways to generate points and get back into games. Most of all they believe in there coach and what he is preaching.

Bottom line in the NFL you will always have 4-5 teams that are elite teams with 20+ teams fighting it out for an 8-8 record and then 3-5 teams that suck. Frankly we are an above avg mediocre team because we play sound fundamental football and have a very good defense which translates: With a little luck we could go 9-7 and make the playoffs this year. For the first time in years I finally am believing that we can make the playoffs and that we are 2-4 players away from becoming a consistent playoff threat.

I am going to make one prediction. I predict that next year you will see at least half the league installing there own version of “The Hill” The NFL is a copy cat league and “The Hill” has given these guys a swagger and has IMO helped with the team having so few injuries.
Originally posted by danimal:
We use to really really suck, for a really really long time. We no longer suck.

Im with this guy.
Originally posted by Fhysical:
I see a good team that can get better.

So do I. This is still a relatively new offense for most of the players and it takes longer for the offense to become cohesive then a defense to do the same. If this offense starts playing together and the defense continues to play the way they have been then this can be a really good team. That said, I think it will be at least until week 6 or 7 that the offense starts showing signs of coming around. Hopefully the playcalling improves by then as well.
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